The Limited Styling Options Of A Fine-textured Natural Hair + my love - hate relationship with bobby pins

Hello, everyone!

When I found out that my hair was a finely-textured 4a, I did not think it would come with any challenges. Actually, I thought it was a free pass from the endless hours of detangling. (Guys, my hair barely gets tangled!) But as I went on, I began to discover a few things here and there; like my twists can't last more than a week before getting really frizzy. Which also means that I can't wear certain styles. Translation, my styling option were limited.

It didn't really hit me until a few weeks ago during Kemi Lewis' photoshoot for her lookbook. She already planned a few styles for me. Most importantly, her signature style. It did not occur to her that I had a different texture until she took down my puff. Eventually, she had to swap my styles for the other model with 4c while she made do with my 4a like a professional. ( The results were awesome btw!). I didn't even know how I felt that day. All of the excitement did not allow me to process all of it until I got home. But before then, I casually mentioned my predicament and Kemi kept nodding in affirmation, confirming my fears. Then she told me not to think too much about it that there was nothing I could do about it. Plus, my hair was healthy and in perfect condition. Of course, I agreed and got over it quick.

You know how they say there's a blessing in every disappointment? Yeah well, I believe it. Just when I was thinking about my limited styling options, I just remembered my love - hate relationship with bobby pins and I thought, 'wow, a blessing in disguise'. Yes ladies, the same ole bobby pins. One of the holy grail tools of natural hair. Yes, it gives me migraines. No, there's no way around it even when it is loosely placed. The other time I went to the salon, I had more than 20 bobby pins placed in my hair. Before the end of the week, I took them all down. I kind of expected them to suggest alternatives styles but that's just by the way.


It's been incredibly challenging styling my natural hair without bobby pins. Initially, I started wearing solely puffs but then my hair grew longer I needed to experiment and find a way around it. So far, I've gotten a hang out it. Instead, I try to use other accessories. I just recently discovered the goodness of side combs and it has helped so much. I just tuck my hair in and hold it down with a comb(s) and I'm good to go. I also use stretchy hair combs to keep my updos in place.

So yeah, when there's a will, there's a way.

Do you have any styling challenges?
 How have you been able to overcome them?

Love, coils and curls.


  1. Super interesting, Ebun. Bobby pins can be a little uncomfortable for me, but now I'll be mindful of using them on other people's hair.
    It's always nice to come to the point where you accept your hair or anything for what it is. That point where you realise there's nothing really you can do about it.
    I'd love to experience hair that doesn't tangle but alas, this is not my portion *tears*
    When/ where do we get to see pictures from your shoot with Kemi? :)

    1. Thanks Ekene!

      The photos should be out soon.

  2. The fine haired struggle :( Bobby bobby pins and I never ever get along.I have to take them out every night or I'll have a headache all through the next day.I've never thought about using stretchy hair combs,I usually use banana clips,so yay for new styling options!

    1. Sister!

      I don't even wait till the end of the day. Immediately I get home, they all go off! I would check out banana clips too!

      Yes! Yay for new styling options!

  3. Wait oh, is that why my twists are so frizzy after a week? Interesting. It used to bother me A LOT but I'm over it now. Frizz oh, no frizz oh, twists are staying in for at least 2 weeks.
    I'm glad you found an alternative to the bobby pins :)

    1. Yes ke!

      I'm glad too. It's a slow but steady journey.

  4. Hmm, maybe I should try these combs method too, since we have similar textures. Waiting to see what Kemi did with your hair.


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