3 Tips for Multiple Textured Hair

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I have multiple textured hair. 3 textures. The front although it is still fine hair,  has thick and resilient strands. I retain the most  length here. The two sides have slightly finer hair which still retains length but needs slightly more care. The hair here tends to be rougher and dry out more easily too. And lastly the patch at the  middle of my nape. It is extremely fine, soft and curly. Also the most susceptible to breakage. It is also the capital of my shrinkage lol.

1. Section your hair according to texture
When wash day comes around I always make sure that I section my hair according to the textures. My nape hair gets its own special section so that I can deal with it more gently that the rest of my strands. The more resilient strands have their own sections. When you section according to texture, it ensures that you deal with each texture as necessary. Some parts will require more delicate handling, others you can manage to handle with less precision. In the long run this helps with length retention

2. Realise that your hair naturally will grow at uneven lengths
This was the realisation that took me the longest to accept. I always thought I was my hair had to be one length all around. My nape is usually an inch to two inches shorter than the rest of my hair. The front gallops ahead at two or more inches than its friends. This is because the front has thicker strands which easily withstand breakage and retain length. The nape has super delicate hair that  moves at a slower pace because of its fragile state. Once this got through to me,  I accepted my uneven length and focused more on healthy ends. It has also save me a lot of unnecesary trims.

3. You may have to use different products to deal with each texture
If you have more fragile strands in one particular area, use more protein to make it resist breakage. Use  what you must, it's just convention which makes you believe one has to put one conditioner on all their hair. If one section needs more moisture by all means please do that. If another requires more oil for detangling, go ahead and pour the oil. 
This also goes hand in hand with using different tools and techniques for each texture.  You may find that one part of your hair must be strictly finger detangled, whilst the other will require a comb. Healthy hair is the aim so don't hesitate to explore different ways to cater to your hair's needs.

These three tips will make your difference in multiple textured hair.

Do you have multiple textures in your head? How do you deal with them?


  1. The hair at the top of my head has a looser curls than the rest of my head but is longer... or maybe because it's looser it just looks longer. I don't know that I put any effort into caring for that section differently though.

  2. I have not been able to nail this. I also have three textures, and finding it hard to manage the front part, which is finer. It is therefore always shorter than the remaining areas.


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