3 Hacks for Caring For Your Hair Under Your Weave

HI ladies, happy Friday!

Weaves have a lovely aesthetic appeal, however they tend to be taxing when it comes to hair care. I've always liked the look but the number problem I have been faced with each time I weave is how do I moisturise and wash my hair in these extensions??

I have 3 tips to make your weave experience easier.

1. Wash in sections

Section  your weave into 8 or more pony tails. Secure them tightly about 5 cm away from the scalp. This not only gives you easy access to your scalp, but  prevents the extensions themselves from tangling. You may have to look like your 4 year old sister, niece or cousin for the next hour or so, but it is so worth it cause the ease of access is wonderful. Wash, rinse and condition, concentrating on your tracks underneath and not the weft.

2. Use an applicator bottle with a nozzle to oil your scalp

Accessing your tracks is super tricky when weaving. You want to ease the itch that has you patting like a mad woman without looking as mad as you already do patting around. Get an applicator bottle with a nozzle, filled with an essential oil like peppermint, tea tree or lavender oil and a lighter oil of your choice. Then apply this every two days or everyday of need be. It will soothe the itch whilst enhancing growth. But most importantly, it will stop the excess oil from getting onto your extensions thereby weighing them down.

3. Always leave your edges out
I can't emphasise this enough. What stops most people from weaving is the fact that they lose their edges. I was one of those. But once I learnt that it was possible to weave and keep my edges too, I dived right back into the world of extensions.

Three simple tips for better weaving. How do you make your weave experience better? Comment below


  1. I've not installed weaves for a long time now but I'll be sure to use these hacks whenever I do.

  2. I don't use weaves, but I know you shouldn't leave them on for too long.

  3. Yes the maximum they should be kept in is 8 weeks. However i always limit myself to a maximum of six, and impatience + boredom get me to 4 or 5 weeks before I undo it hehehehehehe


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