Who rocked the style best? Bantu Ties

Hi Ladies,

How is everyone doing? Hope great. I am happy to announce to you that we are starting a new post series called Who rocked the Style best.

Basically, we will be starting our 4th Mondays of the month with light fun, where you'll basically view pictures of people wearing the same hairstyle, and you would let us know whose you prefer. It is a very interactive post, and you can only have one pick, if there are more than two pictures featured. It is very similar to Who wore it best?

This edition, we will be starting with a style I can the Bantu Tie, lol. I called it this because it is not a knot, but on its way there.

So who rocked this style best

So in your opinion, who rocked this interesting hairstyle best? Janet Jackson or the late Left Eye of TLC? You can also let us know the reason for your pick.

Let's make this fun


  1. Janet Jackson. She has a more subtle look

  2. See...Most of us Janet Jackson. I think it may be because we identify with the curls.

    1. Yeah, what you pointed out makes sense. Though her curls are not real, lol.

  3. Janet Jackson, just because I love the colour.

  4. For me it's left eye of tlc. Janet looks funny


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