Transitioning Corner: Why I decided to transition my hair

Hello Naturalistas, My name is Toyosi and I am on a journey of transitioning to natural hair!

Through my primary and secondary school years, the low cut is all i've always known. I had always dreamed of then I would be allowed to grow out my hair and have it long and flowy like the girls on disney channel... I loved watching them growing up. When I finally got the chance after secondary school, all my sisters and mum had either done the BC to grow out their natural hair or just rocking the BC.

There was no way, I wasn't going to fulfil my hair dreams. Hello Relaxer. I've been growing my hair since 2011 and really appreciative of the length and health. I watched my sisters be naturalistas and hailed them from afar. Until, 2016!

Relaxed Hair
I stopped putting relaxer in my hair in February, not because of anything in particular but I just stopped and felt I didn't need any retouch because I was either in a protective style or just wasn't interested. In May, I made a decision. I was going to transition because there was NO WAY I was going back to the low cut days. My sister believes I'm too much of a diva to want to rock a TWA but who cares? I just wasn't going that route! Now, it's been approximately 7 months of this transitioning journey and I want to share it with you in the next few posts. :) 

Bantu knot
7 Months

My Hair as at yesterday after a Deep Conditioning
I will be sharing my regimen, the experiments I have tried and how I manage with products purchase as a student. 

Are there other transitioners out there that won't just do a BC? Let us know why you chose Transitioning over the Big chop.


  1. Is this a new weekly column for transitioners?

  2. I transitioned for one year and two months. I was born without hair on my scalp so I wanted to be sure my hair would actually grow since my relaxed hair never passed 8 inches. Had my bc a month ago.

    1. Greatt!!! How's your hair doing now?

    2. My hair is awesome. I'm still working on my edges but I'm sure they will be fine in no time.

  3. Well my can transition for as long as you can.

  4. Your transitioning is coming along beautifully. I transitioned for a year from 2011 to 2012.

  5. I initially planned to transition for one year but later big chopped at six months. I just couldn't wait anymore.


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