Throwback To Those Products We Used At The Beginning Of Our Natural Hair Journeys

The first challenge every newbie natural has to overcome is choosing the right  products. It is a major hurdle that needs to crossed as it tends to affect the direction of the entire journey. No matter what you say, products can either make or mar your journey. Whether or not your hair requires a lot of products to thrive is another matter entirely. The bottom line is, you need products.

Anyway, the other day, Glory/Flamelle on Instagram posted this photo of regular mayonnaise she used for deep conditioning and it just took me down memory lane.

Look what I made! Yes it's mayonnaise. You're probably wondering why I have this on my hair page. Well, that's because I did not eat it up, my hair did. Haha. As my hair has gotten longer (and the naira has grown weaker, sigh) I've found myself being a little tentative about trying out deep conditioners (I'm still on a quest to find the perfect one for my hair). Because all the ones I'd like to try are quite expensive now. 6-7k for a deep conditioner and I only get to use it twice? Otherwise I have to be quite stingy and my hair does not really get the benefits. The worst part is doling out all that cash and then the product turns out to be a fail. There will be tears. Lol! Don't get me wrong though, some of these products are really great and I still plan to try them. But one night while churning out home made mayo for dinner I thought hey! Just look at all that creamy goodness. This will be awesome for my hair! πŸ™ˆ So the next wash day I made this. Pros: - I don't need to skimp on it. I just slathered it all over my hair. All of that. 😁 - It's really inexpensive. - It's quite easy to make. - My hair was stronger yet still moisturized. Cons - Well, you're making it yourself. I'm not sure this is entirely a con but it might be on a lazy day. - It's a bit of a mess to clean up after. Lol! - Being that it's home made, it needs to sit in your hair for longer. So while a store bought deep conditioner may only need 10-15 minutes, you need this to sit for 45 minutes. Also needs to stay this long because you can't apply external heat since it contains eggs. You don't want to cook eggs in your hair. I think it was worth it. Can you make something totally edible just for your hair? #naturalhair #deepconditioning #flamellehairseries #diy
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Frankly, the current exchange rate is gonna hit everyone at one point or the other and then we'll be forced to look inwards for alternatives.

As I mentioned earlier, this post took me down memory lane as I remembered some of the 'products' I used on my hair when I was clueless about products and before I became an ingredient ninja. Funny enough, I've never really been a product junkie but that's just by the way.

Some of which includes,

  • Mayonnaise
Just like Glory, I always had a jar of mayonnaise solely for deep conditioning. After shampooing and conditioning, I applied generous amounts on my hair and covered it with a shower cap. Good ol'DC. I didn't even know whether or not I was it was a protein or moisture-intensive treatment. All I knew was my hair was conditioned. Overtime, I outgrew it because I couldn't stand it anymore. I guess I had outdone myself.

  • Palm Oil
The first and last time I used palm oil was also at the beginning of my hair journey. It was such a messy job that I never used it again after then. Funny enough, palm oil is packed with lots of nutrients that beneficial for our hair. So, maybe I might still try it again with henna or something. Something strong and thick enough to absorb it's intensity. In the meantime, I've been using Palm Kernel Oil.

  • Eggs
Believe it or not, I used eggs just once. It didn't sit well with me because my hair isn't 4c and also because I discovered eggs in the ingredient list of the mayonnaise - the first time I actually read an ingredient list. So, I figured, I was killing two birds with a stone. I've not used it since then. Instead, I use henna every six weeks to strengthen my strands. 

  • Baking Soda
I also used this just once during my trial and error period to clarify my scalp. I think I made a mixture with some water and used it. During that period, baking soda began to get some bad rep so I stayed away from it and replaced it with Apple Cider Vinegar. It's an excellent exfoliator though.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Ever since I heard that our Goya olive oil isn't genuine, I stopped using it for my hair.  

  • Avocado
I can't believe I tried this only once but I think I know why. Again, my hair isn't 4c so I don't have to go extra lengths to achieve soft hair. After that first time, I think I realised that there was nothing overly fantastic about it so I didn't have any course to use it again. Notwithstanding, it is highly recommeded. 

  • Coconut milk
The first time I used coconut milk, it gave me the same result as a henna treatment - hard and stringly hair. Of course, I didn't know it was a protein treatment. But I used it for a few more times before I stopped althogether. I had to finish the jar. Plus, it was always a messy job. I didn't know how to handle it...then.

  • Yogurt
Another stressful endeavour. When it comes to DIY, I always like to exhaust my ingredients at the same time. All that refrigerating business is not it for me. As usual, over time, I found more convenient alternatives. 

I think everyone has to go through that trial and error stage. There is a sense of fullfillment that comes with passing through those hurdles and coming out successful. In this instance, it means finally finding out what works for your hair and what doesn't and sticking to it. 

Over to you!

Share some of those products you used but don't use anymore.

Love, curls and coils.


  1. I have used eggs and honey.... i don't use it anymore.

  2. Eggs. Very messy, i dont have to mess up my clothe because of protein treatment now.

  3. I once used mayonnaise but it did absolutely nothing for my hair. I used to use eggs but now do henna treatments every month. But my favourite is still honey which I use either mixed with a store bought conditioner or with EVOO and EVCO.

  4. Out of all these you mentioned, I've used mayonnaise, coconut milk, olive oil, and avocado.

    Baking soda on my hair??? Lai lai.

    I stopped all the DIY when we went into full manufacturing. Better times are here, lol.

  5. I had given up on DIY deep conditioners and was gonna buy my first ever store bought one when i was introduced to my current staple combo coconut milk+mayonnaise+oil mix abnd havent gone back ince...except when i feel too lazy. it doesnt give the protein feel though, and i use it as a weekly moisturising dc instead.


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