4 Things To Know Before Going Natural

So many people are embracing natural hair and ditching relaxers these days. It’s good but when you ask why they went natural, they give reasons like ‘I want my hair to grow fast’, ‘I just want to stop relaxers for now then when I have so much undergrowth I would relax again’, ‘oh, I want my hair to be curly like that of those ladies I see on youtube’, ‘My sister went natural and I feel I should too’ and so on
For someone like me, going natural was unexpected. I made the decision to start growing my hair from scratch ‘cause of the dandruff and itchy sore scalp I had, which I was uncomfortable with. Then, oneday, I was surfing the internet for different ways to take care of my scalp infection and that was how I stumbled on natural hair. (You can read more about my hair story here). 

Going natural is not as hard and not as simple as some people see it. Here are things you should know before taking the plunge:
1.      Natural hair requires so much care
For instance, If you washed your hair once a week when relaxed, you might just have to wash your natural hair twice a week. You would need to detangle with care, wash with care, style with care especially when going to sleep. You would need to create a hair routine to follow. Also, your hair would need more moisture and conditioning. So be ready to give your hair all the care and time it needs to get that shiny and luscious hair you dream of.

2.      Natural hair doesn’t mean fast hair growth
Most people feel when they go natural, their hair would grow wild. That might not be the same for everyone. Our hair grows at different rates. So don’t get all bothered when you see a year old natural with arm-pit hair length and you feel yours would grow like that. Your hair would grow at its own pace.

3.      Natural hair is versatile
You can’t go wrong with natural hair. There are several ways to style it. Check online and get yourself equipped with different hair/video tutorials

4.      Natural hair can be boring sometimes
Yes it can. Sometimes, you find yourself in front of the mirror trying to style your hair and you just get tired. It could be so annoying. Especially as a new natural, dealing with a different hair texture could be challenging. You could even get tempted to relax again. So get ready for some bad hair days and just scarf it up or rather opt for protective styles like braids, crochet and the rest.

What other things do you think one should know about natural hair that I did not mention? Share in the comment box.

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  1. You are right about natural hair requiring so much care. Many people do not put this into consideration before going natural and they end up relaxing again after some months.

  2. This are great tips for newbies before they decide to go into it so they don't end up being frustrated.

  3. Your curl pattern may not be like the pretty girl on you tube. Just love yours

  4. Lol. I disagree with number 4 joo. Natural hair being boring is subject to the level of creativity of the owner of the hair

  5. The second point is so true!!! See me imagining that I would be waist length by now. Ha! I am grateful sha my hair done pass some of my expectations!!!

    I will say though that my hair is much longer than my relaxer days. I believe this to be a result of it being natural. My hair obviously did not like the harshness of the relaxer hence why I was at 'Struggle' length for years with relaxed hair


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