How To Be The Perfect Naturalista

Hi Ladies! Haaaapppy Friday!

This is how one becomes the perfect naturalista

Only use all-natural products on your hair. Best yet if you can get the extracts from herbs that is a bonus. Extract the flaxseed gel yourself. ALWAYS get raw, organic and eco-friendly. A hint of sulfate and you're outta here.
You're not natural if you don't DIY.
It's all about the curl pattern and curl definition. We will curly girl and max hydrate our way to pappin' and coils and curls. The curlier the better.
Cowashing is sooooo the best and only way to wash your hair business, *cowash and dc...cowash and dc...*  Sing along with me..!
Protective styling with extensions is strictly off limits. Remember it's about being natural, how better to embrace your hair than using it and it alone. No, it doesn't matter whether it mimics your natural texture or not, fake is fake. Period. Full stop.
In the same vein braid outs and bantu knots, flexi-rod sets and twist outs and buns aren't natural either.....your hair doesn't grow out like that. So yeah- more power to the fro!
Might I add that all dyes except henna are strictly off limits. Henna is okay cause it's natural right? Riiiiiiight?
Tell all your friends about the benefits of being chemical free, make them feel bad for being relaxed and push them into the wonderful world of natural by showing them videos of the effects on relaxers on hair. They'll definitely thank you for saving them.
Stretch your hair with thread. Heat is a no-no.
You know what? Even thermal straightening systems are a's not natural!
You know deep down that all naturalistas a part of the natural sisterhood, and so you silently salute a sista when you see her in public.
If your boyfriend/ husband/ fiance doesn't support your natural journey, he's not worth it, dump him! This includes wanting you to blow out your hair, or try a protective style with extensions. Cause if he can't accept you for you, in all your natural glory then you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.
This article was purely satirical. It being flashback friday, I realised how far the natural community has come in accepting the concept of natural hair. A few months and years ago, these points were natural stereotypes and typical attitudes of quite a number of people in the community. And i'm proud to say that our community's concepts of natural hair and natural hair care have changed. We are more embracing and accepting of ourselves and our different individual approaches to natural hair care. I believe the community has also become more tolerant of relaxed hair too. We've learned that bashing isn't right and whether one is natural or not, it's healthy hair care that counts.
Are there anymore stereotypes or perceptions that have dropped and changed over the years? Leave a comment below!


  1. I like the last statement there....its Healthy hair that matters.

  2. Things have really changed now. The nazis have chilled. I remember those days.

    Lol at 'you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.'

  3. lol..... so funny bt the message is still striking

  4. I wanna blow out my hair so bad, cos I wanna do that Di'ja's kinda hairstyle. You know the ghanaweaving that's just 2 rows all back. I think it'll look neater if my hair is blow dried first.

    1. Just make sure you don't apply heat to your hair too you don't damage your hair.


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