This Bride did not only rock her natural hair, she had her six Bridesmaids rock theirs too.

Hello, everyone.

In this week's edition of awesome natural hair news, 27-year-old Nakiya Whitty tied the knot recently in a small intimate beach wedding.

Now, you might be wondering what's so special about that? We didn't think so too until she started posting photos of her wedding which showed Nakiya and her six bridesmaids wearing their gorgeous natural hair freely.

Of course, it was a sight to behold and it went viral quickly.

When BuzzFeed reached out to her, she expressed her shock and excitement.

According to her,

I had no idea that my wedding day pictures would make such a splash on the social media outlets. I have had people share with me how they are or were afraid to wear their natural hair out and I’ve given them some sort of boost to want to wear their God given tresses and I would just like to say that I honestly was just getting married with who and what I love and appreciate in mind for MY photo album. MY memories. MY big day. In no way was I ever thinking I would be seen by or touch so many, but in light of believing that God makes no mistakes. I want to let everyone know how blessed I feel to be a blessing to so many.
Such sweet words.

Anyways, here are all the times Nakiya gave us #BridesmaidGoals.

I'm loving all of these photos friends and family have captured!! I had a vision for my wedding and what was for Nakyia and Jay. Not anyone else and in the end I have to say everything exceeded what I could've imagined, and my expectations were pretty high might I add, I mean it is a special moment for us! Ultimately, I'm elated to have married my best friend with our family and friends surrounding us in the most beautiful way we could.... Our way. I have to stop posting! Lol! These aren't even the professionals. These are iPhone pics from family and friends standing by! If these came out this beautiful I can't imagine what the photographer captured!! #davisday61116 #beachwedding #puntacana #thisishardrockpc #natural #bride #bridesmaids #destinationweddings #blackloveweddings #alfredangelobride @shescharissmatic @kalawhitty #MyDestWed #DestiUSA #theknot
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And this one from her bridal shower.

Okay, I might need to start gathering my friends around. Thankfully, two of them have big chopped.

What do you guys think? 

Do you dig this formation? Is it something you can go out of your way to achieving? 

Let's hear your thoughts!

Love, coils, and curls


  1. awwwh dats so sweet..... it gives more people reasons to rock their hair

  2. It's really beautiful. I wore braids for wedding and had my bride's maids were braids too.

  3. Oh great!
    Nice formation. Back then when I got married natural hair wasn't as popular as it is today. It is now the in thing. Just the way our mums wore their hair for their wedding.

  4. I think I'm in love. Forget the human hair craze currently going around for weddings I think the best part is that they all have big fros.

  5. Everyone has been talking about how beautiful it looks, but it looks so ordinary to me. *runs away*

  6. I love how they just rock their natural hair it is... not in updos or nothing.


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