The Bantu- Knot Debate

Hi Ladies, happy friday!!!

So in one of my hair chat groups the topic moved to bantu knots and whether they are acceptable to be worn out as a hairstyle. As for me personally, I feel like my hair isn't "done" when it's in the knots. Feels like im still in my satin bonnet or rollers as I go about my day. Perhaps extensions would add something extra, but still not my thing.

Others were more enthusiastic and said to rock it with some lipstick and/or a fierce attitude. In the mean time...check out these pics of bantu knots for your viewing pleasure.

These mohawk knots are unique courtesy of @locitude IG account

Name this celeb for me please. Credit IG @thefnsher

You can even do them with colourful extensions! Credit IG @seriouslynatural

Or plain extensions make them more "dressed up". Credit IG @makeup_gang

So what's your take on  bantu knots? Yay or nay as an actual hairstyle? Comment below.


  1. Yay for bantu knots especially the ones with neat and yummy margins

    1. hehe you are in the minority. Thanks for the comment

  2. You need a certain level of confidence to pull off bantu knots as a hair style.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. Nay, although it may suit a few people.

    1. True, i think face shape has a lot to do with how well you can carry it off as well.

  4. Yes for me. I wear them like once in two or three years. Get a very big earring and bold make up, and you are good to go.


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