Natural Hair Style - Finger Coils

Sometime during the week, on our Instagram account, we reposted a photo of a lady in Finger Coils. So far, it has gotten the most number of likes any of our posts have ever received! I've decided to share that photo here and a short video showing you how to achieve finger coils. It's a fairly easy natural hairstyle and looks great on any natural hair length.

This hairstyle has it's pros and cons. On the pros, it's fairly easy to do and can last you a good three weeks! The cons are that it takes a couple of hours to achieve, and if you leave the style in for too long, it can mat up and begin to loc.

Some of the products you need can be found in our store! On freshly washed hair, apply our

Leave-In Conditioner

One or two of our range of Oils

Seal it all in with our Anti-Breakage Butter Lotion

And finally, apply our Twist and Curl Pudding to keep the finger coils in. Our Twist and Gel product is coming soon, but for now our pudding is a good substitute.

Watch this short tutorial video on how to do finger coils for natural and transitioning hair.

To maintain the hair style (and all other hair styles), use our Daily Hair Mist and Hair Growth Oil Elixir to keep your natural hair moisturized and well hydrated.


Visit our store to place your orders and definitely follow us on Instagram (@africanaturalistas) for lots of natural hair styles and inspiration!

Berry Dakara.


  1. See strategy! Been thinking about finger coils for a while now. Will look into it.

    1. Lol.....The product has to sell na.

    2. May not necessarily be about product sale. Most people need step to step guidance especially with products that can be used

    3. Hehe, going off different tutorials, I simply suggested our similar products... especially now that the dollar rate is high, we definitely should be looking to our local products.

    4. The exchange rate is so alarming. No more foreign products for me. Even delivery rate within Nigeria wan kill person

  2. I just might try this style one day. Maybe it won't frizz up as fast as my twist does.

  3. Finger coils are beautiful. I may try it soon.


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