I came THIS close to using Dog Shampoo....

  Often it is really hard to resist a hair hack that promises to make your Natural Hair Routine a breeze. Sometimes it is the things that are considered out of the ordinary that are able to yield you the amazing results you so yearn for.
 I was recently faced with a hair predicament that made my imagination run wild! Here is my story....



  1. lol.... jst lyk I nd my sister was talking ...... dat very soon we will be told that human faeces grows hair too ND helps our hair regime

  2. Na wa ooo. It has not become this bad for me sha, lol.

    1. That because you're ready to work and stick to a regime some ladies what sharp sharp result

  3. Hehehehehe......This is serious!

  4. Wash and go for 3 months. This lady na mentor o. I know I'm desperate but not up to dog shampoo level.


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