Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 164

Yesterday started out as the usual relaxing, fun hangout with Dimeji, as has become our custom over time. It was supposed to be a date for us because it has been long since I went on a proper date with him. I had chosen a place where we would go, and he had agreed. Imagine my anger when he switched plans on me. I was so livid, but he just kept mute, and turned deaf ears to my rant.

He said he needed to meet up with a colleague at another venue, and they needed to discuss some things related with a startup he was considering. I was confused as I did not know when Dimeji started taking entrepreneurship seriously.

Fuming, we got to the place, and I almost didn’t get out of the car. I can be dramatic like that. Anyway, I got out, and stared hard at him. The only words my lips wanted to blurt out was “I HATE YOU.”

When we entered, no one was there, so he made a call, and his colleague said he’s on his way. He then begged me to order food. I looked at the menu, but my rage could not allow me order anything reasonable since I had set my mind on the menu of the other restaurant, so he ordered for me. About 10 minutes later, our orders came, with the dishes covered. Without hesitation, dimeji dug into his, and started asking me to open mine. It was a battle between anger and hunger, but after a few minutes, hunger won, and I opened my plate.

I screammmmeeeedddd. Hunger flew out… anger flew out… elation barged in. On my dish was a piece of shimmering studded ring. I kept looking in shock. When I saw Dimeji pick the ring and get on his knees, my mind couldn’t take it again, so I ran to another corner of the room with my mouth wide open.

Liz Lemon Yay!

Everything was a blurry slow motion. Next thing I saw was Yemisi approaching me. What was she doing here? And then I saw my brothers, and my sister, and Boma, Dimeji’s brother, his cousin, and my mum. When I saw my mum, I wondered who else knew about this. It seemed I was the only one in the dark.

Dimeji was still on his knees, so they pulled me back to him. I was still in shock, I could hardly say yes, as he slipped the ring into my finger. I just sat down, weak to the bones as a photographer kept snapping away. I touched my hair, and noticed my updo had roughened up so bad. On a special day like this, I couldn’t even get my hair to look good.

But one thing I know is this, hair or no hair…

I am finally going to be marrying the love of my life, and that sure, gives me so much excitement.


Hi everyone. My name is Atilola, and I am the author of the pseudo character diary column, Diary of an Honest Naturalista. I hope you are not surprised that she is a pseudo character, as we had clearly stated this in the past.

One thing is sure, I am not Anna. We don’t have much in common. Anna’s stories are garnered from stories of several naturalistas experiences. You can read more on the truth about this diary by clicking here.

Even though I am not Anna, one thing I always desired is for my proposal to coincide with that of Anna, even Anna’s relationship was over two years, and I could barely rub two coins together to produce a boyfriend, lol. I used to ask myself, so when is Dimeji going to propose to Anna, and the answer was whenever a man proposes to me. So even though they were very much in love, I did things like dragging their relationship for long, throwing chaos into their stories, and so much more. I could get away with it because this diary column is not really about their relationship but how Anna handles every area of her life as a young lady with natural hair.

So I was proposed to last week by the love of my life, and as a result Anna had hers done at the same time.

At this point, I think I would like to end this diary column. It has been running for 3 years and 8 weeks, which is the longest diary column I have seen online. The reason why I am seeking to end it is because I’m not sure I want to follow Anna into the complexities of her marriage, motherhood, and all that is to come for her.

For now, my options are

1. Continue with the column as is
2. Discontinue the column totally
3. Get another good writer to take over the column, and do justice for leading Anna into her next phase of life.

Option 3 is my most preferred. If you believe you have the skill, discipline, and diligence required to take over a weekly diary column such as this, please, send a mail to info@africanaturalistas.com, and we would have you join the AN blogging team.

We would also like to have your comments on what you think is the best decision for this column. We also want to know your best part and character in Anna’s stories. Is it her mum, her sister, her brothers, Felix, Dimeji, Tonya, Sola Matthews, Madam Adams, Yemisi, Boma, etc? Please, drop a line in the comment section

Thank you for following Anna all through her journey. We hope she inspired you.


  1. Oh wow!! :( :( Congratulations Anna!!! It was lovely following the journey!

  2. A hearty congratulations to you dear!!!

  3. Congrats to you,Atilola!

    For me,madam Adams was the best part(not that I like bullies). I will pick option 2. I would rather you discontinue. If anyone wants to continue,it should be some different story/character.

    1. Yeah, a lot of people have also said this behind the scenes. We will consider that also. Thanks for your feedback.

  4. Congratulations Atilola! OmGeeee

    And congrats to Anna too. I've been a faithful reader of this column and Anna seemed so real to me. I hope the next person does justice to her character, if you decide to go with that. I liked reading about Tonya even though she's a bit of an airhead- because she is so different from Anna but their friendship works. Also liked the relationship bits too.

    1. Awww, thanks. We hope we can keep you guys engaged from now, like we did with the diary.

  5. Congratulations to Anna really the duration doesn't matter to me. You have the audience and we are not bored

  6. Congratulations on Atilola. I'm really happy for you


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