5 ways to deal with bad hair day

Hello Naturalistas,

I hope you're all doing great? Kinks and all?

Today we'd be looking at 5 ways to deal with a bad hair day, let's jump right it into it.

Accessorise; Using accessories will definitely change the look of hair styles and also when you have stuck and don't know what to do with your hair. There are plenty accessories to help with a bad hair day. Bobby pins, head bands, flower crowns, Hair chains etc. We have must-haves for every naturalista.

Abit more make-up; Take the attention away from your hair by putting abit more make-up that you'd regularly put on. Use a bold red or banging eye make up and let the world look at your face and not your hair.

Cover it up: It doesn't have to be boring scarfs, there are options of turbans, hats and caps. Here is one scarf 4 ways, Step up your turban game. These should help with covering up your bad hair for the day.

Extensions; Adding extensions to your hair to give you a faux bun will also help you deal with a bad hair day. All you need are hair band, hair extensions and bobby pins. Here's a tutorial on how to get it done.

Easy natural hair styles; One a bad hair day, you don't need a complex hair style to be battling with because you're probably frustrated already. There are tons of easy hair styles for one of those days. Here's an example.

Hope this tips help when next you are dealing with a bad hair day. Now, over to you. How do you deal with bad hair day?


  1. I scarf up these days, or just put it in a bun.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Lol.. I suck at styling, so if I'm not wearing a protective style, I just cover it up!

  3. I love scarfs. I can even scarf up on a good hair day.

  4. I do the turban style, but I think I will be switching up to braid wig soon. This would be a first for me.

  5. i use my trusty faux puff or bun it when my hair just wont co-operate


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