Throwback to that time this father and daughter broke the internet with their natural hair.

Hello, everyone!

It's not every time you see a father and daughter team up especially when it comes to their hair. Most fathers usually prefer the clean look leaving all of the hair talk to their wives and daughters.

So, when the internet discovered Benny Harlem and his 6-year-old daughter Jaxyn, they couldn't get over them. They went viral instantly! Benny is a singer/songwriter and has been showing off his incredible long free-flowing natural hair which he has been growing in tandem with his daughter's. One might even wonder if he had her intentionally for this very reason.

The most striking thing about their hair is the length and density. It's not even normal, to be honest. Then they get together to pose for enchanting photos giving off ethereal and regal vibes which leave our jaws literally dropping. Like how the hell is that even possible?

See for yourself!

1. That time when they gave us MAJOR hair envy.

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2. That time they looked like a scene from a movie 

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3. Did I also mention that he is a model and likes to experiment with different fierce styles? 

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4. Nothing cuter than a doting father.

Won't ever go without my daughters sunlight .. Our seeds grow in the upward direction if we continuously water and nourish them. Parents continuously grow if we pay attention to children's Godly Sunlight. - Benny .H  
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5. That time they were super stylish and had to show it.

I know right! Unbelievable! I'll give anything to know their regimens.

Ladies, what do you think? Do you think they're even real? 

Share your thoughts!

Love, coils and curls


  1. Of course I think they are real. That doesn't mean I'm ruling put pills and A LoT of care...

  2. I really don't get how his hair is like that!

  3. same here... rili dnt get d length

  4. Is this real? Seems so unreal. Like how can hair grow like this?


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