How to Properly Apply Products To Natural Hair

Today is hair washing day for my daughters. I always seize that opportunity to give them hands-on lessons on caring for their hair. Knowing how to properly apply products to natural hair is something that is often overlooked.  Even as a Youtube beauty content creator, I notice areas of hair lacking products when it is applied to the hair.

Here is how I taught my daughters how to apply products.

Working in sections ensures that all strands of the hair gets the product. If you have thicker hair, this is essential because most of the time, if you just section your hair into four, and apply without further separating, you will find that overtime, some areas of your hair will not benefit from the hair treatment.

When applying products, start working from the ends of the hair, and then apply towards the roots. This is because the ends of the hair are the most fragile parts. When nutrients are supplied to the hair, it starts from the roots and works its way down to the ends. Depending on the length of the hair, the nutrients will be lacking when it reaches that point, hence why your ends feel drier than the rest of your hair.

What other ways can you apply products? Please share in the comment area.
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  1. "Here is how I taught my daughters how to apply products". This jumped at me. Don't be deceived, all the investment you have made in educating your daughters is a powerful seed you have sown. You have no idea what great oak tree you would get out of it in future. Your work is really admirable.

  2. These are excellent tips.

  3. I think it's important for mums to teach their daughters how to care for natural hair so when they grow up its not a struggle


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