Wash and Go with Aloe vera gel

Hi Naturalistas,

How is the week going?

So I mentioned last week that I'd share how I achieved my wash n go in this post.

After I had a bentonite clay mask (I made a post about it here), I was confused on how to style my hair couple of days later. So I decided to try a wash and go. I got questions from my BBM channel subscribers on how I achieved it. So I felt it’d be great to blog about it.

I did a water rinse on my hair. On damp hair, I sectioned my hair and applied aloe vera gel on it and massaged thoroughly until curls start to pop little by little. I massaged from root to tip and this was how it turned out.

 By the time I was done, my hair was all moisturised as I applied coconut oil. It was pretty easy and quick. I rocked my hair this way for a whole week. All I did to maintain it was spray some water, a leave in conditioner and seal with oil for shine. That’s all. I got lots of compliments throughout the week. I have tried it three times now and got same results. I ran out of Aloe vera gel the last time, I continued with my eco styler gel. And the results were same.

What do you all think? Yay or Nay

I noticed my curls were loose and well defined which I think must have been as a result of the bentonite clay mask.

Would you be willing to try this too?


  1. wow....would luv to jst dat my edges r quite bad nd am trying to regrow them

  2. Your Hair looks really nice...wash and go is a no no for me

  3. You made it look effortless and simple.
    Yes I think I am willing to try it.


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