All The Times Asa's Locs Made Us Green With Envy

Effortlessly stunning image.
BOSS! Shoulder - length locs fit her perfectly!
Hi Mama!
See how laidback she is. Meanwhile, that signature frames! 😍
FIERCE! The shorter, the better!
Such a vision!

When Bukola Elemide aka Asa stepped into the spotlight some years ago, we all kept wondering who this loced head with a sonorous voice was.

Over the years, Asa has warmed her way into our hearts before she took off to France but one thing we couldn't forget was her locs.

Asa's locs became an identity. The image of her brand. Before we knew it, for a brief period, locs were synonymous to Asa and vice versa. We watched her grow as an artiste. During which, her hair also went through various lengths just like the rest of us.

Undoubtedly, she isn't one to experiment with various styles but that doesn't mean she loves it any less. In fact, I believe the various lengths were her way of experimenting.

This week, it's Asa making us green with envy with her locs.

Love, coils and curls.

Photo Credits: @asa_music


  1. Locs!!!...beautiful but I prefer variety which comes with keeping my natural hair "unloced"

  2. Simplicity!

    This reminds me of when I was on locs. Maybe I should lock my hair again. :)


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