3 methods of trimming your natural hair yourself

Hello Naturalistas, 

How are you all doing? Kinks and all? Today we are snipping off the split ends! We will be looking at 3 methods of trimming our hair by ourselves. 

Dusting Method; 

- Section your hair into 4 
- Take one section and take smaller sections
- armed with your scissors, hold the tip of your hair to light 
- trim the ends that you can see through. 
- It is supposed to be very little which is why it is called dusting. 

Here's a video illustration! 

Search and destroy method; 

I giggled at the name. It's not that serious jor! Lol. Basically, this involves you to search out the split ends and cut them off. Mostly used by naturalistas that are transitioning. 

The process is not very straight forward, watch it! 

Braid/twist method; 

Pretty straight forward
- Section your hair
- Braid/twist the hair
- Examine your ends and cut off the split ends

When last did you get a trim? Will you consider doing it yourself?


  1. I usually do the dusting method.

  2. i usually do d braid and twist method

  3. i do d braid nd twist trim method

  4. I wish I could do it myself but I don't have that upper arm strength. Last I trimmed was at a salon.

  5. When I trim myself, I do Naptural 85 method. I soak my hair in conditioner overnight, then remove shed hair, and trim section by section.


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