Quick and Easy Natural Hair Bun Tutorial

Last year, I posted a Natural Hair Faux Bun Tutorial, and now I'm here with a Real Natural Hair Bun one. It's an easy protective style that you can wear literally anywhere - church, work, hanging out with friends, date night, etc.

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I intend to keep the hair in for about a week. If it holds up longer, even better for me!

This is what the hair looks like on Day 5, today. All I do is put leave-in conditioner, then wrap my scarf around it at night.

I just might keep it in for 2 weeks at this rate.

What do you think?

Berry Dakara.


  1. Nice bun tutorial...and it really stayed a week...wow!!!

    1. I really would have left it for 2 weeks but I had the worst migraine today and didn't want anything making it worse :(

      Berry Dakara Blog

    2. Sorry dear..Please get better.

  2. This is so pretty and the best part is that it's sleek

  3. Very cute. Were you moisturising it daily?


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