Basic Naturalistas Starter Pack and Guidelines

Lately,I have had people stop me to ask questions on how to grow, take care and keep an healthy natural hair! As much as I love to talk about natural hair, it can be annoying and inconvenient at times! Am sure we all get to answer these questions and I'm also sure, there are days you just do not have the strength to talk about it!
 Well, I decided to write a brochure that would simply answers all the questions a new naturalista would ask!

spray bottle.
Satin bonnet
Rinse out conditioner
Leave in conditioner
Sulphate free shampoo
Wide tooth combs
Bobby pins
Oils ( coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil etc)
Deep conditioning pudding
Eco styler gel
Shower cap

Do not towel dry ( use an old t - shirt instead)
Avoid heat styling as much as possible
Let spilt ends go
Make sure your hair sleeps in a satin bonnet
Never comb your hair when dry
Co wash once a week
Moisturise daily
Wash with shampoo once a month.

apply one of your favourite oils and leave it in for 25mins
Using your spray bottle, wet your hair, apply some shampoo,massage from root to end and then rinse out with lukewarm water.
Apply some rinse out conditioner,detangle with a wide tooth comb and rinse out with cold water.
Apply some deep conditioning pudding, cover with a shower cap and let it sit for 30mins and then rinse out.
Dry with an old t-shirt or pashmina
Apply your leave in conditioner, olive oil and Shea butter to seal.

to avoid dry hair, use your leave in conditioner daily
Steaming increases blood flow into the scalp which leads to increase in hair growth.
Massage your hair whenever you can,as it also stimulates hair growth.

 I hope these helps new and lost naturalistas and when next you are bombarded with natural hair questions, feel free to refer them to the blog.

NB : please add what have left out in the comment section!

Your question and feedback
Are highly appreciated
See you in the comment section.


  1. Wow. This just reminds me of when I was a newbie. Mehnnn, life has happened oo.

  2. Haha looking back, newbies days are the best. Thanks for the refresher Bukola

  3. It's also good to wash the hair in sections in order to avoid or reduce tangles.

  4. I even wash my hair in twists.


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