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Hello ladiesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. What's gwaaaannn with y'aaalllll? Can you tell that I'm excited already? Yeah? Well, that's because on this edition of Hairstyle Lounge, we had two hits. Well, you know how they say... "At O'Naturals, every hairstyle was a hit back to back, from African Threading to Updos to..." Lol. I can't believe I just said that. Maybe I'm becoming indoctrinated to the street culture. Oh well.

 So why do we have two hairstyles when they were both hits? Well, you would find out as you read. Grab your chairs and popcorn, I promise you would love this edition. I made it very explantory.

So I went to O'Naturals about 5 weeks ago, when I decided it was time to make my hair, after that very beautiful hairstyle in the last edition that got frizzy too fast.

So we proceeded to wash with my medicated shampoo, and a regular moisturising shampoo. We steamed my hair with African Naturalistas Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise, which they sell at the salon, another treatment for my scalp.

I then explained to Omozo that I really wanted to do a particular threading style we had been discussing for months, which ordinarily should last about 4 weeks, but I would be doing something in 2 weeks, which would require a new hairstyle. We agreed that I should do the thread, and if I am asked to take down, I would just come and do a simple updo. Even though I didn't like the idea of returning to the salon after just 2 weeks, I really wanted to do the thread.

And so we started with this

And we ended up with this

By this time, Omozo had left the salon for some hustling business, so we couldn't take pictures. I had to be patient till the next day,  which was good Friday, when I was about to leave my house to attend the Don Moen and Ron Kenoly Worship event, which happened at Covenant Christian Centre.

See how steep the updward slopes were

I got more compliments than expected for this hair. Many people didn't know it was thread at first, cos it looked very mordern and diiferent from other kinds of thread. It was on the second or third look that people said "Is this thread on your hair?" I received loads and loads of compliments. Another addition to this style was the O'Naturals didn't use wool, yarn or local thread. They used a thread called Brazillian thread, supposedly from Brazil. It was very silky and shiny.

A week later, I business meeting with Omozo, so off I went to the meeting venue. By this time, the very lengthy threaded ends of the hair had begun to make me uncomfortable because they were tucked in, and I used to rest on them while working in my room. The friction was hurting my scalp, so I untucked it, and laid it over the threaded front. You can see the pattern below.

If you look at the picture below, you would realise that the upward slopes were not as steepy as that of the previous week.

After taking the above pictures, we decided to tuck the threaded ends back in. See the difference below.

I prefer them tucked in. What of you? And the slopes, the even fell further down. It didn't change the beauty of the hairstyle in anyway though.

And then the sad part. I had to take the hair down the next week. I wasn't 'allowed' to take the hair to where I was going, lol. It was so painful to take down a hairstyle that was still neat and could still go on slaying for the next 2 weeks, but I had no choice.

SO off to O'Naturals salon, I went again to do a simple updo. We didn't wash, condition or do any of those sorts. In fact, I told Omozo I planned to spend just 10 minutes, 5 minutes to lose the hair, and 5 minutes for a simple updo I had seen one of stylists cook up on a client's hair.

Let's just say I ended up spending 45 mins to 1 hour, because Omozo decided that instead of the simple updo I asked for, she decided to take her time to design my hair.

This was what we ended with

I really liked the hairstyle. Everything looked like extensions were added to enhance it. I fell in love immediately, but I had to ask her to redo the front. It was too elegant, and looked very bridal. You guys know how I like simple things. I didn't want people to think I was getting married or going for a dinner event or something.

She redid the front, and we ended up this.

You can see how simplicity is good? I asked for the three-layered pompadour.

The two sets of hairstyle in a collage.

 The next day, I had to travel out of Lagos for my meeting (the one I couldn't carry thread to). By this time, I had slept with scarf, which I had taken care not to allow compress the hair, but still scarfing had its way. Everything was more compressed. I liked the new fromt, but I didn't like the compressed version of the back. I kept moisturising and moisturing with water and oil, so the back could swell back up. It puffed up a bit, but never as much as the previous day. Maybe I should have added glycerine to the spritz.

See the compressed version, on my way out of Lagos.

See the difference in the back? Which one do you prefer? The compressed version or the puffy version?

And the next day, I still had the hair in tact. This was me ready to start coming back to Lagos.

The smile tells you how
fruitful my trip was *wink*

And that's it for this edition of the Hairstyle Lounge. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. More importantly, I hope you learnt from it. Congrats if you made it to this point.

So which of the styles and versions was your fave? And why? Let us know in the comment section?

Hairstyle Lounge was brought to you by O'Naturals Salon. No money exchanged hands in making this lounge a reality. To make your hair at O'Naturals, visit the salon at 54 Ogudu road, Ogudu-Ojota Lagos or book an appointment by calling 0818-802-4444 / 0815-802-4444.


  1. The puffy version was it.

    I loved the thread style. Different and unique.

  2. Your hair is so long with the thread, I really liked the thread style. I really really loved the puffiness of the second style. Both are excellent!

  3. Both updo looks good to me. Am inspired to do the threaded version on my hair.
    Love your healthy hair.

    1. Yeah, I got the inspiration for the thread from someone else too.

  4. The threading really stretched the hair...sooo long.

  5. The thread was nice! Why couldn't you go with it?

    Berry Dakara Blog

  6. The puffy version is my new bridal hairstyle( changes every week though)

    1. Bridal style??? Naaa. Please choose something better for your bridal style abeg.

    2. That picture that was put up in the blog that compares natural hair and Marriage. ..that bridal hair there makes sense.


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