Moisturising Natural hair: My daily hair spritz

Hi Naturalistas,
Hope you are all doing great?

So I have decided to share with you guys what I have in daily spritz/spray bottle.

First of, what's a daily hair spritz? It's a water-based mixture that is sprayed daily on hair to add moisture to it and prevent breakage. Well, that's my understanding. Moisture is very important as we all know and water is the main source. But, sometimes our hair needs just more than water.

When I started my hair journey, all I did was just spray my hair with water and seal with oil. Later on , I made a mix of water, olive oil, coconut oil and aloe vera. Along the line, I had to switch from aloe vera to glycerine, after someone suggested I should because my hair got dry quickly.

There are several ways to mix a daily spritz. You just have to find what works for you. I hear some people mix honey and green tea with theirs.

Here is what I have in mine of recent,
1. Water -50% 
2. Rose water -20%
3. Oils (Coconut, olive and lavender) - 10%
4. Glycerine -10%
5. Apple cider vinegar -5%
6. Leave in conditioner - 5%

All I do is mix them all up in my spray bottle and shake well before use.

My hair loves this mix and is moisturised all day. Sometimes, I carry a smaller spray bottle just incase the weather is not favourable.

So what do you have in your spray bottle? Share in the comment box

Enjoy the rest of the week



  1. My spray bottle currently has an infused oil mix, conditioner and water.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Lucky you ooo. 1) my hair can't stand spray bottle anything, I mean if it's not thick or creamy. My hair rejects it.
    2) I can't stand water dripping down my hair
    My spray bottle is gathering dust in my house.

    1. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Are you meant to spray till its dripping? I thought it was just a little to combat dryness and to moisturize

  3. Love the bit about leave in conditioner. Will be trying that

  4. Chidiebere lol @I can't stand water dripping down my hair hehehe. Uh currently using s-curl moisturising spray for my protective style. It's mineral oil and paraben free plus has water, aragn and olive oil...and some other things.

  5. Water, leave in and Acv. Well that's kind of all for now but I just purchased rosewater and glycerin. I can't wait to add it to my mix.

  6. Your spray bottle mix is calculated in ratio/percentages??? Wow, you are the real MVP.

  7. Mine has water, leave in conditioner, glycerine, lemon and tea tree oil....I think that's all.


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