Tips for taking care of your hair while working out

Holla Naturalistas,

How are you all doing? Kinks and all? I hope you are having an amazing month?

We know there is an increase in the number of people that are willing to change their lifestyle and go on the fitness path. This includes doing exercise routines a couple of times a week, which will make you sweat.

Today, we are looking at ways to care for your natural hair while working out.

  • Protect your hair from sweat; Don't be focused on not sweating, rather protect it. You can do this by using a sweat band. While this doesn't totally take out all the sweat, it helps greatly. The hairstyle you have on also helps. You want to have styles like high bun, pineapple bun, twists. 
  • Make your regimen workout friendly; We have our hair regimens and how often we do what and what on it, when you know you'd be working out a few times a week, make the provision for that in your regimen. It can determine how frequently you'd co-wash or deep condition etc.
  • If you have done your scheduling and know when and how you'd want your regimen to work, make sure you dry out your hair after a workout  your scalp is usually wet after, depending on what works for you, let your hair dry. 

Do you regularly exercise? What are your tips for taking care of your hair before and after a work out?


  1. Restarted exercise recently, and I don't really put that much consideration into my hair. I just wrap it, do my exercise, shower, unwrap and I'm on my way.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. I try to pack my hair up in a Bun. Then use a silk scarf as band. I haven't found a sweat band yet.

  3. I recently started working out too. Since it's the first thing I do in the mornings, I workout with my satin cap on. I only clean my scalp with ACV when it feels itchy. However, I have been washing my hair weekly.

    1. I used to do that ACV cleaning with cotton wool before + teatree oil. I would resume it if I have any itch.

  4. I cowash or wipe down my scalp with acv if I have really intense workouts ...haven't been doing much to my hair after working out of late. I think i'll start using acv to wipe down my scalp again

  5. I workout everyday. It's my lifestyle, but honestly, I don't even do anything about my hair that has to do specifically with my workout routine. Maybe my regimen is designed to make it work for me.

  6. Work out everyday...dats great. I need to resume exercising.


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