7 Times Chidinma Gave Us TWA Goals

Hair ✅ Makeup ✅ Slayage ✅
So pretty!
Aha! The famous threaded updo! It was such a unorthodox style. Of course, she killed it!
Such a badass haircut!
Such gorgeousness! That tiny wash and go is giving me life!
Let it 'fro!

Fun fact: The very first time, Chidinma cut her hair, I tweeted at her and asked when she was going back to her weaves. I kid you not. Her reply? Soon.

It's been what? 2..3 years and we have seen her evolve from this tiny shy girl into her element with a TWA. She changed the entire game. I initially didn't think the TWA suited her. I thought it was too bland for her figure. I thought she needed that extra something. How utterly wrong was I!

Chidinma's TWA has become an identity of sorts. It has defined her image. Rather than that celebrity, she might as well be the girl next door. It's probably not as big a deal as I’m making it. I mean Onyeka Onwenu had always had a TWA. But in recent times, with all of the awareness going on, it has become a big deal.

I particularly love that her TWA complements her style effortlessly. This of course makes room for a lot of experiments in the makeup and jewellery department. Best thing? She kills those looks every.single.time. Notwithstanding, she also experiments with her hair so it isn't monotonous. From the punk to boyish cut and most recently, the threaded updo. The point is, she is rocking it with pride. She hasn't even for once tried protective styling with weaves. That says a lot about being comfortable and confident in her skin.

So, this week it's Chidinma giving us all the TWA goals we've ever had.

Love, coils and curls.


  1. She rocks it effortlessly. Me I don't think I can pull it off with my big head. Hmmm nop

    1. You can never be too sure

    2. That would mean you transitioned for a long time chidiebere.

  2. Her TWA really suits her. And I mean really....

  3. Lmaaaaooooo @ "Slayage"
    It just registered now in my brain, is that a word. Hahahahahahahahaha ebun ooo. Chidinma's TWA is bursting your head.

  4. Replies
    1. Asin...really nice, well for someone with a TWA.

  5. LOL, did you really ask her to go back to weaves? Funny though, I've known her only with her TWA. I have absolutely no idea what she looks like with a weave.

    1. Research her pictures of the first 2 or so years of her music career.

  6. I personally think she has broken the myth of "I'm small so I can't rock a twa without looking like a school girl " she rocks it's like a boss.

  7. That thread style in the third picture was my grandmother's go to style in her fifties and sixties.


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