Here's What 3 Nigerian Celebrities Think About Their Natural Hair

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During my blog rounds last week, I stumbled on an insightful Punch article on Nigerian women's new love affair for natural hair. Of course, the headline alone was a perfect click-bait that piqued my curiosity. Given the bashing and backlash the natural hair community is fond of receiving, it was interesting to hear from a refreshing point of view.

The writer took time out to get the views and opinions of different women from different works of life. From the working class ladies to the celebrities, a cosmetologist to the business woman who stock hair extensions and relaxers. The men weren't left out either.

The most interesting aspects were that of the celebrities and the men, of course. It was great to see that natural hair is more than a fad but a conscious lifestyle decision they have taken. Apparently, quite a number of them have dumped their extensions for their natural hair which is why I decided to take time out to showcase them in my ongoing celebrity specials. You can catch up on previous posts here.

SO, here's why Monalisa Chinda isn't going back to relaxers:

“I don’t go to the salon, I do home service. Because I make my hair once a month, it takes about five hours. Now that I only wear my natural hair, it has been reduced to two hours. It is because my hair started wearing out because of too much relaxer, I needed to let my hair breathe. Honestly, ever since I started wearing my natural hair, I have decided not to go back to perming.” 
Omoni Oboli, on her identity and natural hair:

 “It brings out my natural beauty better. I have been carrying my natural hair for two years now. I don’t think relaxer is for me again. I will likely not relax my hair again. I like my hair the way it is now; I don’t see myself changing it anytime soon. Maintaining it is not an easy process though. It likes a lot of moisture. I use different kinds of oil like coconut oil and castor oil. I also use live-in conditioner. I take care of my hair myself, I don’t have to go to the salon. I will never get tired of taking care of my hair.”

Upcoming actress, Omo Iyasara, on her love for the natural hair trend:

“I love my natural hair. I have started grooming my natural hair. At the moment, I am technically at ‘war’ with salons. I wear wigs for now while I still groom the hair.

It's interesting to see the various reasons they choose to wear their natural hair. Which goes to say that, everyone is free to make personal decisions. If you're feeling particularly trendy, then go for it! Hopefully, overtime we get to the point where we realize that for most of us, it is a lifestyle.

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  1. It's a lifestyle dear....and a whole lot of people are accepting it.

  2. Anyone that still thinks natural hair is a trend or a team of people believing in something doesn't know wasup yet.


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