'Being Natural helps you lead a Positive and Healthy Life' Mane Matters with Tess

Hi Naturalistas,

Meet Tess
Can you tell us who you are and what you do?
I am Amaka Tess Ozoh.  I am an Accountant, a budding fashion entrepreneur and of course an unapologetic naturalista …Lol.

What are your thoughts about natural hair?
Natural hair to me isn’t just about putting a stop to the use of hair relaxers and texturizers, it’s a personality transformation. It has a whole lot to do with the way you treat your body too.  Returning natural helps you lead a positive and healthy life. Most importantly, it teaches you patience.

When/why did you decide to go natural?
I had my last relaxer in June, 2014. I had always been a big fan of nature. I longed to return natural but I didn’t have the slightest clue on how to care and manage it here in Nigeria until I stumbled on ‘Natural Hair Babes’ and subsequently ‘The Kinky and Curly Lounge’ pages on Facebook. They were practically the long awaited answers to my prayers.

Did you do a BC or you transitioned?
I transitioned for 9months; I had my big chop on 9th Feb 2015.

What was the experience like?
My transitioning days was euphoric because this is what I had always wanted but tough at the same time because as my mane was growing, I noticed that I had to drop some of my treasured products like pure honey and coconut oil because it gives life and lustre to my hair tips (the relaxed part) and hardens my roots (undergrowth).

What was/is your biggest fear about going Natural?
My biggest fear was how to care and manage my hair using readily available products from the Nigerian market.

Do you have a regimen you stick to? What is it like?
I have a very simple regimen; I run water through my hair everyday as I have my bath (LCO), Cowash once every 2 weeks, DC every 3-4weeks, shamwash monthly.

What emotional struggles, if any, have you faced since going natural?
No emotional struggles, none at all.

Do you think you are in it for the long haul or is it just a phase?
I am in this journey for Life. But come to think of it… if not, why not… smiles.

There are people that definitely have negative comments about you hair, how do you deal with that?
I have long developed a thick skin for those negative comments. I recall last year during my elder sister’s wedding, I was the Maid of Honour and everyone expected I would fix my hair but I declined. I put my hair in a cinnabun and showed up at the hotel room (bride’s dressing room), both the bride and her maids almost had a heart attack asking why I didn’t fix my hair, I told them I was a naturalista and that I had my hair done already. By the time we were all done with dressing and all, my hair stood out stealing the show…Lol. Besides, I carry it with charisma that you would hardly have negative remarks to make about it.

What's your must have product and accessory?
My Must-have products are Olive oil, castor oil, tea tree / silver bird oil and of course my conditioner. These are Bae!

What is your go-to style?
My go-to styles are Twists, Puff and Bun.

What advice do you have for anyone just going natural?
My advice to you as a newbie naturalista:
1)   Know your hair type and porosity, this will help you to know what to put and what not to put in your hair. Also, remember we are  different and so is our hair, so what works for Miss A may be a No No for you.
2)      You got to grow a thick skin because some people will say derogatory stuff to your hair but don’t worry sweetheart your hair is beautiful and so are you.

3)      Most importantly, you need to drink a large dose of Patience, patience and more patience.

4)      You are Stellar! Don’t ever forget that, hun.

Where can we find you? Your social media platforms…
You can find me on Facebook : Amaka Tess Ozoh, Twitter: @AmakaTess ,  Instagram: @natural_tess

Thank you for your time
Thanks  for having me.

Till then


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