What is your greatest fear about Natural Hair?

I was visiting a friend a couple of days ago, and as I was about to leave I noticed some hair products on her dressing table (she's also a naturalista). The products were so tempting and I could have sworn they were calling out  my name, so I gave in and I decided to pamper my hair a little.

I saw an unlabelled jar, I opened it and it smelt like something I could use for a deep conditioning treatment, I applied it on my hair, covered it with a shower cap and I went to the sitting room to resume trading gossip with my friend while waiting patiently for the "deep conditioner" to work its magic...

After some minutes, I took her leave in, oils and went into the bathroom to rinse out the conditioner and then I felt it, the content of the jar was actually relaxer, I had relaxed my hair. I screeeeeeeeeammmmmmmed, then I woke up...

 I had this dream twice last week and the first thing I did when I woke up  was  feel my hair and as if that wasn't enough I ran to the mirror to check my hair out... I was scared mehn! I didn't know my natural hair meant so much to me, I felt my heart break in the dream..

I am so relieved it was just a dream, which brings me to the question WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST FEAR AS A NATURALISTA???

Your questions and feedback,
Are highly appreciated,
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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha I almost fell of my chair. I advice we don't even use other people's hair products naturalists or not.

    Because this mix mix things people do now, it's real!

  2. Loooollllllllll. Mehn this is so funny. The fear is so real that it has started haunting you in dreams. Pele o.

  3. I have had that same dream! It was scary, I must confess.

  4. hehehehehehe, I've had that dream about three times already. Even to the point of crying in the dream cause my hair was relaxed against my will. Then waking up relieved.
    My greatest fear is having heat damaged hair that won't revert. I'm always super neurotic and paranoid when I get my hair straightened.

  5. Hehehehe! I had that dream when I was transitioning but in mine a naughty friend did it while I slept.
    I was so relieved when I woke up. Imagine transitioning for almost 2 years only to start over. Lol

    Naija girl next door

  6. My greatest fear is having no edges.
    I haven't had any scary dream about that but just thot of that gives me nightmares.
    Your dream, remind me of my senior male cousin who aways visit the girls room before he heads out for the day. He uses our cream, powder and perfume. There was this day he rushed in and use stuff like that and after a while he rushed off to take his bath saying his body was on fire.
    He had unknowing used our hair relaxer. After that day his visit reduced.

  7. 1. Not being able to style it well.

    2. Losing my edges. But that could have happened with relaxed hair too.

  8. Hehehe....my roomate and one of my colleagues are always threatening me.....jokingly tho that when am sleeping....They will pick up scissors and cut off my natural hair.....its no fear tho cos I know they wouldnt do that. After all the investments....The hair cannot go o...Lol


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