5 Times Omoni Oboli Showed Off Her Natural Hair

Glam it up! It's so important to have a stylist that can handle your hair. It makes all the difference.

Sigh. A protective updo. Win-win. I could rock this for weeks.

I want black hair so bad!

One way to style a shrinked hair.

Great twist outs!

Hello everyone!

Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli is one of those celebrities that has been very vocal about her natural hair journey. The other day, she even shared some tips on her blog. We can only assume that she has at least gotten a hang of it just like the rest of us.

"Omoni curls" as she mostly calls it, is one that enjoys a lot of glam styles due to the nature of her job. More often than not, Omoni has a natural hair stylist that performs her magic before she steps onto the red carpet. Which of course leaves us drooling. I think it's safe to say that she's one of the most stylish natural - haired celebrity. Instead of covering it up in bales of weaves, she actually takes time out to get it styled and that to me is impressive.

She's also one to share her ups and down at different stages of her journey which makes it even more relatable. Plus, she never fails to point out the versatility of natural hair. She's not one for a signature style.

Here are five times her natural hair was actually desirable.

Which ones are your faves? (I know is hard, Lol)

Love, coils and curls

Photo credits: Instagram - @omonioboli, @omonicurls


  1. The first one is my fave, I just might have to try to replicate it on my hair.


  2. She really kills it in style. Great one there Ebun

  3. O'Naturals does all Omoni's red carpet hair. I like the styles where her ends are tucked in.

  4. She sure never fails to wow us with her natural hair.

    1. Asin eh!...her hair styles r so amazing.


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