3 Lesser Known Instagram Naturals You Should Be Following

Happy Easter ladies!

I want to share 3 beautiful ladies you need to follow on IG

First up is @pureestrogen. Her actual name is Luyando and she hails from my native Zambia, but is based in the US currently. From diy wig tutorials to creative hairstyles and make up looks, Lulu is a wonderful inspiration to follow.

she made and slayed this wig!

Fifi is a South African natural with waist length hair. She features simple protective styles without the use of extensions. Tailor made for mummys, she also showcases styles of her daughter who she calls her "mini me". If you need some inspiration for length goals or styles  her page is the go-to. #droolcity

@curlybola is certainly not the least on this list. I picked her because her hair is relatable. It's not "IG" or "Youtuber hair" you know, super perfect, extremely defined,  thick for days. Those standards of perfect hair that we can't always seem to achieve. She is creative with her styling  and has a gorgeous mane. She just finds marverlous ways to work with the texture from braid and twist outs to create beautiful looks. She works with what she's got, and has fabulous locks to show for it. Here's to #teamrelatable. 

What do you think ladies?


  1. Thanks for showing me more people to follow! I love to see Africans with beautiful natural hair.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. I think I follow @pureestrogen on youtube. Will definitely check out the other two.

  3. Thanks for showing me more people to follow as well. Happy easter to you to Bee

  4. Not a fan of following too many natural hair accounts generally but these look good!

  5. I love @pureesterogen's wig...

  6. One day, me too would be an Instagram celeb, lol.

  7. Oh my! Am following them asap.
    Love the relatable thingy.


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