What are your top Natural Hair Priorities? - Poll

One of our yearly polls on the side gadget of this blog recently ended. In the poll, we asked our blog visitors what was most important to them. Voters were only allowed one option.

I must say that I am really impressed with the quality of answers we got.

Only 4% went for curlier hair. This means people are more comfortable with their natural curl pattern, and no more coveting those of others, which was the trend about 2 years ago. This is good news. The more people embrace their own hair, the better they would love themselves hairwise.

Long Hair and Soft Hair both ranked 18%. I think this is not high or low. Many of our visitors have natural hair, and many are of the opinion that their hair is ‘stubborn’. If only they could make it softer. But the truth is although many people want softer hair, it is not on the top of their list for now. Same goes for long hair. I want to believe the people who chose long hair are the ones who already have full hair and full edges locked down.

Full edges had the highest ranking at 31%. I am not surprised by this. In my years in the hair scene, receding edges are the complaints I receive most. There’s so much hair abuse going on in salons, especially in Nigeria, and our edges are what take the fall. By the time ladies wake up, it is almost too late. In fact, I would have been surprised if ‘full edges’ didn’t have the highest ranking.

Last but not the least is Full hair, which came up second at 27%. Though many naturals have full hair, or the illusion of full hair, due to our hair texture, many people with hair or scalp issues will actually choose full hair as a priority. If your hair has been scanty from birth, there’s really nothing you can do but to create an illusion of fullness with your choice of hairstyles. If your hair wasn’t scanty from birth, but is becoming less full by the day, I advise that you visit our hair clinic. First, we need to determine the cause of the thinning before we can start talking about a treatment.

So that’s it. The poll was anonymous, so we didn’t have the privilege of knowing what each visitor chose. It therefore would be nice for you to let us know in the comment section. Among the below five factors, which is most important to you. Please and please cooperate by picking just one answer. Don’t rank your answers, just pick one, lol.

Long Hair
Full Edges
Soft Hair
Full Hair
Curlier Hair

We currently have another poll on the side of this blog about why we went natural (or not). So please, do us a favour, and complete it. It takes about half a second. We love polls, you can tell.

P.S: Please don't forget the In-Salon Tricholgy Clinic happening this week at O'Naturals and KL Naturals. Tell your friends about it. You can click here for more details if you missed the post last week.


  1. I already have full hair and full edges locked down, all i need is lengthhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i dont mind growing my edges lol. Oliver Twist , heeeeeehehehehehehehe

  2. Longer hair. I have the rest on lockdown.

    1. With your numerous DIY experimentations, I'm sure you would hit it soon.

  3. Long hair.
    in the new poll, you left out the 'I have always been natural' option

    1. Wow. You are right. Unfortunately, we can't edit a poll once it has gone live. So sad. :(

  4. Fuller edges please. Can't blame any salon for this one. I have hand-in-edges syndrome when I read, and I read a lot. I have full hair, growing longer fast.

    1. Lol. Put a band round your edges while reading. That should help. Right?

  5. I want full edges....The length will come with time


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