African Naturalistas Hall of Fame - January 2016

Happy New Month to everyone. We hope January, the first month of the year was great for you all. It is such a great coincidence that Hall of fame is falling on the first day of the month for the first time in history of celebrating our blog readers and commenters.

It is our first hall of fame for the year. Many blogs started and packed up because they couldn't maintain momentum, but we are still here, going strong. And it is all because of your our readers and commenters. This is why we are taking time out to appreciate every single one of you guys, making specific mention of the five people below.

Thank you KinkChic, Chidiebere, Nkoli Okafor, Rae Talks, and Idy Ekanem

We enjoyed your presence and numerous comments and suggestions on the blog throughout the month of January. You made us laugh, think, and reflect. Our blog is far better because of your presence on it.

And with that said, we all at African Naturalistas stand up, hold our heads high, raise our hands as we applaud our African Naturalistas Hall of Fame Star for the month of January

happy people

Congratulations Rae Talks. Here's your official badge. You can upload it on all your social media platforms, blog, and even as a blog widget.

You have won the bragging rights for a whole month, and African Naturalistas Shampoo and Conditioner, which we would ship to you after contacting you for your address.

And that's it for the month of January. It has come and gone. Remember... Only you determines who appears on the African Naturalistas Hall of Fame for the month of February. Remember the rating drops and increases everyday. This month's result were extremely surprising and the dynamics changed completely.

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  1. o my days Rae Talks, you are one Blessed Lady. Congratulations.
    Welcome to my Birth-month.

  2. Congratulations Rae. And remember, there is always love in sharing with Berry.


    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. I am so appy I just want to thank every twist hout braid hout afro puff naturalista. Thanks a bunch!

    2. (Whats the best method/outlet to contact)

    3. Hi Rae, congrats on your winnings. Can't seem to find your email address. Please send your contact details to

    4. Begi begi Berry. Stop being greedy.

  3. :-D Glad i managed to make it to the hall of fame. I'm very honoured :-D

    1. You might just be the next winner if you keep it up. Thanks for your readership.


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