Benefits of Palm kernel oil for Natural Hair

Palm kernel oil is an edible oil derived from the kernel/nut of the oil palm. Palm kernel oil is mostly produced in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is commonly used in commercial cooking because it's cheaper than other cooking oils and also because it can be stored longer. Unlike other cooking oils, Palm kernel oil is cholesterol free and can be used by weight watchers and old people.
Palm kernel oil can serve the same purpose as coconut oil but it isn't popular outside west Africa.
 Palm kernel oil has lots of health benefits, it's high in Lauric acid which helps raise blood cholesterol level. It's also rich in vitamin K which is important for bone health and coagulation factor in blood. Palm kernel oil is rich in antioxidants and can also be used to cure convulsion in children.

soothes the scalp
Moisturises and conditions the hair
Reduces shedding and balding
Fights dandruff
Gives shine,softens hair and generally keeps your  hair healthy.

NB :: Palm kernel oil has the same hair benefits as coconut oil and castor oil,so you can substitute your castor oil for Palm kernel oil if you are looking to cut cost this new year. Also, get your bottles and Palm kernels ready cause next week we will be learning how to extract Palm kernel oil from the comfort of our homes.

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  1. Or you can order Palm Kernel oil from the AN store.

    I don't like the smell sha.

    1. You can dilute it with another carrier oil or add a little essential oil. It's really great.

    2. Funny enough, I love it.
      Smells organic to me. Maybe cos I grew up using it.
      Some people believe it has power to ward off evil from a baby.

  2. you see, and they tagged palm kernel oil as the bad oil. Palm oil is so good for the hair and skin, my mother used it as my lotion sometime when i was little. its called "uda aku" in igbo. i dont like the smell so i didnt follow up on the lotion regimen as i grew up.

    1. I think you are confusing Palm oil and Palm Kernel oil. They are different.

    2. @Chidiebere its "ude aku"

  3. I don't know if you guys have come across the Nigerian hair tag on youtube. I did a blog version. One of the question asks what do you prefer for your hair, coconut oil or palm oil? I just find palm oil too yummy to put on my hair. I would probably lick the strands -_-


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