Natural Hair and Pregnancy: Your Hairtitude

Holla Naturalistas,

I hope you are enjoying our Natural Hair and Pregnancy series so far? Here are a few things I wish I encouraged my sister to do with/for her hair after seeing her messy after the delivery of her baby.

You are excited and over the moon about your baby, then you have to go through all the changes your body will undergo and if you are one of the lucky ones, not so terrible feelings will accompany those change. Asides all the changes you are forced to undergo, wanting to focus on your well being and the well being of your growing baby Hair care will take a back seat but I want to encourage you not to let it. Here are a few hairtitudes I hope you can adopt to help you atleast keep your hair care in the middle seat;

- You might not be as 'into' your regimen as you would on a normal day but, be sure to pay abit of attention to your hair. 
- Do the basic hair care routine. Moisturize and use a satin bonnet. 
- Now is not the time to be doing DIY because there will be little or no motivation, be open to the idea of going to the salon.
- Don't be so strict with your regimen and put too much pressure on your self to meet up with the castor oil challenge or the 6 weeks before my next protein treatment. Just don't neglect your hair totally, the idea is to be more flexible. 
- Invest in Scarfs and accessories. We are also aiming at looking good while at it right?
- If you are one of the naturalistas that are 'one protective style in a year'-naturalistas, be kind to yourself and get your hair in a protective style to minimize the amount of attention it needs.
- Enjoy your flourishing hair while it lasts. 
- While embracing the new hair growth, get ready to combat the hair loss that is in the nearest future. You see, you cannot afford to neglect your hair completely. 
- In light of the above fact, now is not the time to be 'adventurous' with the hair well, except you decide to do a BC which is totally up to you. You need your hair in it's healthiest for the days ahead.
- And if all else fails, Contact berry for your crochet wig!!! 

Now Naturalistas, repeat after me, I will be a yummy pregnant woman. I will take care of my hair! Next week, we shall be giving you license to be a lazy naturalista and yummy pregnant woman hair styles you can achieve without stress. Stay tuned!!

Where are our experienced mothers? What Hairtitude do you wish you had while being pregnant? Share with us. 


  1. I always wanted my hair in an updo, away from my face and neck.
    I wanted something that would last forever and still make me look yummy. Smh! As if that was possible.

    1. LOl. Last forever?? There is one o... BC *runs*

  2. LOL. Contact me o! Crochet wigs galore!

  3. I already told myself that when i get pregnant i'll just be in protective styles until 3 months after delivery. LOL. This was a fun read Tomilola

  4. As an experienced mother of many, I would like to say... *runs away*


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