Hair Goals for 2016

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had a very nice Christmas last week. I was NOT going to share a hairsolution aka hair goals post for 2016 because it seems like I never follow through, but somebody gave me the side-eye and called me out earlier this week. I'm not naming names, but maybe Tomi's tips she shared will help me with my goals this year.

So what exactly are my hair goals for 2016?

Honestly it's been hard to figure out.

  • I know that I need to up my moisture (inward by drinking more water, and outward with the aid of my spray bottle and moisturizers). 
  • I know that I need a trim - I'm actually getting one tomorrow. 
  • I've been seriously slacking in keeping up with my regimen and only do the basics - DC and wash twice a month - so I should aim to do better this year by ensuring that I include REGULAR protein treatments and tea rinses. 
All of these shouldn't be yearly resolutions but consistent practices, so I won't count them as hair goals. Some of the things I want to try this year are:
  • Indian oiling method that Nappily Nigerian Girl uses - have you seen her hair length?!
  • Finger detangling more than combing/brushing.
But the main thing on my mind to start doing is...


Remember how I learned how to make crochet wigs early this year? Well this is one I made 2 weeks ago. In my defense, whenever someone has asked if it's my real hair, if I tell them it's a wig, they ALWAYS look disappointed! So why should I keep disappointing people and making them sad? If they want to believe it's my hair, maybe I should continue letting them believe it, right?

What, if any, goals do you have for your hair this year?


  1. So your new year goal is to become a liar?

  2. Hahaha.. You are verry funny. I almost rolled outta bed :-D

  3. LOOL. But did I mention your name???? Plix don't lemmie go all Olamide on you right now :p

    We shall be waiting for review o!! Btw, what Lola said!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lol @ why should keep disapponting people and making them sad?

  5. To up your water intake, invest in a 1litre bottle and get a water drinking app. Or when u get up in the morning have some water beside your bed so when ur eyes open u have no excuse but to chug down lool. LOOL how is that not ur hair?! It looks soo real!

    1. I have the bottle already. It's just a matter of remembering to take it to work, and filling it up. I used to have an app to remind me to drink and it annoyed the heck out of me

  6. Protective styling.
    Length retention.

    I hope I can keep up. I really hate long extensions.

  7. Wig regimen to retain length. I have to make my wig so lazy to get to making it


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