Few things to know about Locs

I met a guy with dreads at a Christmas party and I was so fascinated that I couldn't help but start a conversation.. I asked the guy so many weird questions and tried to confirm some of the unimaginable things I have heard about dreads. It got to a point that the guy just started laughing and when he couldn't deal anymore, he decided to tell me about his dreads, while debunking some of my myths and lies..
I know we talk a lot about natural hair on this blog but it's mainly the kinky fro, nothing on dreads! So, I decided to share some of the things the "Bob Marley" guy told me.
  He said that :
 - Dreads can be difficult and painful, the first few months but as they mature, they become easy to maintain.
 - not combing your hair doesn't turn it to dread.
 - Dreadlocked hair needs to be regularly washed.
 - clean hair locs faster than oily and dirty hair.
 - rubber bands do not break your dreads if properly used.
 - mud, chewing gum, peanut butter,toothpaste do not help lock your faster, there are products that do the job.
 - residue free shampoo are best for cleaning dreads.
 - locked hair doesn't grow faster than ordinary hair, the grow at the same rate.
 - long dreads do not happen over night, it takes years..

I hope this post answers a lot of questions and confirms or refutes some of the things you've head over the years...


Your questions and feedbacks,
Are highly appreciated,
See you at the comment section..


  1. Lol..do people actually use chewing gums and tooth paste for starting locs

  2. Good thing he debunked the dirty hair myth. A lot of people actually think that the hair has to be left dirty and all so it'll loc properly.

  3. Learning a lot here.
    I had no idea about a lot of this.

  4. Why would anyone think that the cleanliness of hair or lack of it has anything to do with how fast it locks?

  5. Hahahahahahahahaha @ bob marley guy
    The guy is really nice to break it down for you and he must be neat as well.


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