African Naturalistas Hall of Fame - December 2015

Happy New Year to you all. May 2016 bring all the good things you couldn't get in 2015 your way. What better way to start off the first working week of this year than to dedicate our Thank You post to you all?

Thank you for your followership, readership, and "commentingship" on our blog lol. Thank you. Every email we get about how we have such great contents inspires us to do better.

A special shoutout to all our December commenters and readers. We know how hard it is to keep commenting during the festive season, seeing the holiday inertia that sets in, and people just want to have fun and hangout.

This is why we are taking time to say a big thank you to our Top 5 commenters of December 2015 as at 11.59 pm, 30th December

Thank you Nkoli Okafor, Adaku Flora, Aurora Jennifer, Ashake and Idy Ekanem. You were the last woMEN standing.

Thanks for your regular comments, even in the heat of the festivities

And with that said, we all at African Naturalistas stand up, hold our heads high, raise our hands as we applaud our African Naturalistas Hall of Fame Star for the month of December


Congratulations Ashake. Here's your official badge. Please upload it on all your social media platforms, blog, etc. And invite your friends to be readers of this blog too.

You have won the bragging rights for a whole month, and African Naturalistas Shampoo and Conditioner. Please send an email to info@africanaturalistas with your address and phone number, because we don't have your profile.

And that's how the cookie crumbled in 2015. Remember that when it comes to African Naturalistas Hall of Fame, rating drops and increases everyday. Anyone can get on the Top 5. At the end of the day, consistency is the name of the game. This means don't just read the blog, comment regularly too.


  1. Thank you so much and happy holidays!

  2. Yay!congrats and also happy holidays!

  3. Congrats Ashake... I hope to take your place soon!

    1. Amen. The key is actually consistent commenting.

    2. Yes..that's what i'm trying to do. I find it difficult to comment using my wordpress account tho!

  4. Congratulations... i like this idea of Hall of Fame. makes you an ardent reader and you get knowledge by the side. Win-Win


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