Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 137

Ever since last week, after the realisation that the love of my life might be going bald, we have been having more conversation about hair care. On a normal day, we have loads of conversations about hair, being who I am, but now, it is even on that rise, and he’s the one doing most of the initiating.

“So Anna, wasup na? In all these your natural hair stuff all these years, you have come across a cure for balding right? ‘cause I have never heard you talk about it.”

“But babe, you are not balding.” I said, hopeful.

“Well, yea I’m not balding yet. I mean there must be something out there in your world, to reduce balding rate or even completely deter it.” He asked in an optimistic voice.

“In my world?” I eyed him. “Well, if you mean in the natural hair blogosphere, the answer is No.”

“Really?” He looked at me with unbelieving eyes. “With the millions of concoctions you guys have out there.”

“No.” I chuckled. “But there are one or two medicated products some people use to reduce balding. I have to do some research.”

With that, we switched to another topic. Even though I loved talking about hair with Dimeji, the spike in the subject matter was really getting to me.

Two days later, he asked me “Babe, have you done the research?”

“Oh no, I forgot. Sorry.”

“Aww, why naa?”

“But really, you know you can do the research yourself. You don’t have to wait for me.” I answered.

“Anna, you are the expert at these things.”

“What expert? I only know blog lingo. I’m not a medical doctor, so my knowledge doesn’t cut across balding o.”

“Whatever, just do it. You would be better suited to navigate the information, and cut down to what I really need to do.”

Two days later, he asked me again “Babe, have you done the research?” This time we were sitting together.

“Yes my oga. I have done it.”


“There’s a certain topical medication that has been approved to reduce balding. Rogaine.”

“Are you serious? Rogaine?? My mum has it.”

“Really? Your mum used rogaine?” The possible reason for his mum’s low cut started.

“Yeah. Maybe I can just use hers.”

“Haa, no o.” I interjected his thoughts. “I’m sure she uses rogaine for women. There’s rogaine for men. I doubt they are supposed to be used interchangeably.

“I can try it na. What is the worst that could happen? It wouldn’t work, I guess.”

“And you might grow breasts.” I laughed, and he threw a pillow at me.

“I guess it’s your turn to laugh. The tide would be changing soon. So do you know when I can get the men’s version?

“Hmm, I don’t know o. maybe pharmacies.” I said after thinking for some time. “But babe…”


“Why are you stressing your head over this matter? I thought you said you are not going bald?”

He looked at me with a very straight face, and tried to put up a nonchalant air. “I’m not going bald, but I need to know all these things. You know, just in case.”

I knew better than to take the matter further, so I just kept quiet and shook my head.


  1. Anna! Trying to get back at him.
    It's not fair.
    If he is up to DIY's he can try the onions treatment.

  2. Aww shame. Men really are sensitive about balding. Still chuckling at the "you might grow breasts" comment.

    1. Lol. Who knows what can happen these days? Not bad to be too careful.


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