How To Style Shrinkage

So ladies, we usually term "Shrinkage" as a Natural Hair Problem, right? A lot of times we complain about shrinkage because it usually means a head full of tangles eventually - at least that's what happens to me. Additionally, since more and more people are looking for longer natural hair, anything that makes it seem like their hair is shorter (aka shrinkage) is not very welcome.

I recently decided to stop fighting the shrinkage too much and work with it. I came up with a few styles that could accommodate my shrinkage and in the future, I won't fret too much about it.

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They were pretty easy to come up with and required only a few tools - hair band and bobby pins.

Berry Dakara.


  1. These are beautiful berry!.But the tangles I would get ehn mbanu

  2. I love shrinkage. Theres a whole number of styles you can work with when the hair is shrunken. Only downside is the detangling session though warm conditioner mixed with oils will make detangling a breeze

  3. A high puff is my favourite.......

  4. You look good in all the pictures. Unfortunately, my hair can't form into a definite shape like this if I wear it out because of it's texture. Now, you know why I can't out with a fro, or my hair unpinned.

    1. Exactly! My hair also doesn't have a definite shape. I'd rather wrap it up than style a shrinked hair.

  5. These are really cool styles Berry. I'm one of the shrinkage fighters, but I'm increasingly finding that sometimes I can use shrinkage to my advantage. I'm still trying to pick a favourite from the picture

  6. Hmmm. People that their shrinkages can be styled. Mine throws me all the way back to TWA mode

  7. i am going round the blog looking for styles for my hair and its weird shrinkage, sigh. most of the styles i see i cant resonate with them because i cant pull them off early in the morning after exercising. i will try Berry"s styles and see if i can pull it off.


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