6 Simple Practices For Instantly Softer Hair

Hello ladies.

I've been awol from the blog as I lost my mother three weeks ago. Things are better now and i'm ready to jump back onto the blogging train.

Dry and hard hair is the number one battle every naturalista faces. Over time I have realised that it is the everyday practices that contribute to the overall state of your hair. Today I want to share six simple everyday things that make a great deal of difference to maintaining softer locks.

1. Add olive oil to your deep conditioner
As a penetrative oil, this extract from the olive fruit has a property which keeps your hair soft. I realised softening powers of olive oil after I took a break from adding it to my deep conditioners. When I incorporated it after almost two months, I noticed a definite softness post wash.

2. Add rosewater to your leave-in conditioner or moisturising spray
Rosewater is a humectant, which means it draws in moisture from the air. I've enjoyed fluffier and softer hair whenever I add it to my braid spray or leave-in. Another bonus is that it gives of a gentle sweet rose-scented perfume for your tresses.

3.Don't skimp out on your satin scarf/bonnet
Every once in a while we have those moments when we want to say,  "Oh to hell with it, i'm not wearing my scarf!" The scarf actually prevents dry hair and encourages moisture retention. So if you haven't been friends with your scarf or bonnet of late, this is the reason why your hair is not soft.

4. Reduce on protein filled products
Even if a product contains mostly moisturising ingredients, the one or two protein products may be the culprit of  hard hair. Natural hair contains more protein than processed hair and therefore does not need it as often. Using protein containing products  in your daily regimen could be hardening your hair. This in turn throws your hair off balance. In my personal experience, one particular sulfate free shampoo would always leave my hair less soft than usual on wash day.  This would happen even if all the other products I used were strictly moisturising.When I checked the ingredients list, I realised it had hydrolyzed keratin and wheat protein. I now use it less often and my hair is softer for it.

5. Seal, seal, seal!
This is an obvious one. Really obvious, but it must be said. Locking in  moisture with a hair butter or natural oil is what keeps hair soft and hydrated. 

6. Keep hydrated
Yes! Drinking more water actually plays a role in the composition of water in the strand. My hair is actually drier when i'm not so vigilant about how much water I drink. Try upping your water intake for a week and notice the difference in the feel of your hair.

 What practices do you implement for softer hair?


  1. Sorry about the loss of your mother.Rosewater is something I should try

  2. Hey Bee, sorry again about your mum. I continue to pray for comfort for you and your family.

    These are great practices that should be incorporated in any hair regimen.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. Sorry about the loss of your mom. She's in a better place rn

  4. The only thing I haven't tried here is the rosewater so that's going on my list of things to try

  5. I've heard so much about the goodness of rose water, but now that you say it is a humectant, I'm not so sure again cos too much humectant is not a friend of my extremely frizzy and highly porous hair,

    1. I have only read about its uses for skin

  6. In currently reviewing the products in my stash and 8 noticed that I had quite a number of protein products. I'm trying to fix that now and hopefully settle for moisture products now that I know the difference.

  7. Olive oil is king!!! As for rose water that thing smells yucky loool. I think there should be an international alarm to tell naturals when to drink water. That way we would all reach our hair goals in no time lool


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