Demystifying Scab Hair

Hey ladies!

It's a short one today. We're talking about scab hair.

1. What is scab hair?
Scab hair is natural hair that is damaged from previous use of relaxers or other scalp damage. 

The picture on the left is my hair about two months ago, the picture on the right is my pre-healthy hair journey hair. As you can see, my pre-healthy hair journey hair was off colour, had no lustre or deep hue. And you can't tell from the pic, but it was rough and riddled with split ends. And that was due to the fact that I never cared for my scalp or hair properly.

This is scab hair from from relaxing. Hair encircled in red is relaxed, encirled in green is scab hair, and the hair in the blue circle is really curly and coily. The hair in the blue is the natural texture and tighter.

2. What causes scab hair?
-scalp neglect/ abuse.
-harsh chemicals used on the scalp e.g. relaxers, dye strippers, dyes.
This means that it is not just recent converts from relaxed to natural who can get it.

3. How do I know I  have scab hair?
It is characterised by rough hair that is usually has trouble retaining moisture. Having said that, most people who have big chopped after relaxing experience it. If you know you have been a regular with one or more of the causes of scab hair and exhibit the symptoms, you most probably have it.

4. How do I prevent scab hair?
The underlying cause of scab hair is the damaged environment from which it grows, which is the scalp. Avoiding the use of harsh chemicals on the scalp, and better scalp and hair care are what result in faster healthier upcoming hair. You can also be proactive about healthier new growth. Gentle scalp massages, avoid pulling and scratching, use of soothing oils, a clean scalp and herbal rinses which are good for your scalp will do it a world of good.

5. Since I already have scab hair, what can I do to care for it?
If you want to eliminate the rough hair, you can always trim the compromised strands off. However if you still want to retain it, you can pay more attention to moisturising, gentle care and deep conditioning.

Have you had or noticed you had scab hair before?


  1. Thanks for the education. Does scab hair cause breakage?

    1. Yes, breakage is a common complaint amongst those with scab hair because the hair is so dry.

  2. I cut off all of my scab hair.It didn't look healthy

  3. Wow,hair scientists say its a myth, but with experiences from a lot of people its hard to dispel.

  4. Im thinking I have the scab hair thingy. Gonna have to go into analysis mode.


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