Natural Hair Styles from Kemi Lewis of KL's Naturals

Hey everyone,

I hope we're all getting in the swing of the festive period! There are lots of weddings, events, and parties happening in December, which generally means looking for great natural hair styles! I've mentioned Kemi Lewis on the blog a few times, and she's done my hair a couple of times as well. I think she's one of the best natural hair stylists in Nigeria and I'm happy to share some of her work here. She didn't ask me to - I just decided on my own :D

Please note that all photos below are from her blog.

Kemi is a lawyer who quit the profession in 2013 to open and run KL's Naturals Beauty Bar, located in Dolphin Estate in Ikoyi. You can follow her on Instagram @kemilewis and follow her blog at KL's Naturals.

Have a lovely weekend!
Berry Dakara.


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