Why Did I Go Natural

My bestie from secondary school called me early last month to tell me she's getting married and am her maid of honour! I was so excited and looking forward to the January wedding that I started shopping for a dress immediately after she hung up! It's been a month and am still searching, NO! It's not that I haven't seen the ones I like, I have but I guess fashion designers are new to a world where people bigger than a size 8 are bride's maids..
At first I was pissed, then I felt bad for myslf and later I just missed my old size. After a week of self pity, I decided to join a gym class,  I thought exercises are meant to make you look fresh and give you "the khloe Kardashian" figure but I guess I thought wrong because after just 3 hours at the gym, I feel sore all over, every part of my body aches and to make matters worse I have a cold...
How is all these related to natural hair post shey? I will tell you, I planned on doing a major DIY post but I can't because I can't even afford to leave my bed and while I was thinking of what I could possibly write about or how to get out of this, a question crossed my mind......WHY DO YOU EVEN DO THIS EVERY SUNDAY ? My answer was because I love being natural and the whole idea of it so much, I just want to share what I know with naturals like me! Then, a question was in my head , WHY DID YOU EVER GO NATURAL and then I became blank!
So, i thought I should bring the question here, while am trying to figure out why I went natural....
            WHY DID YOU GO NATURAL?????

This should be fun and I can't wait to read you reasons and stories .

                                      HAVE A GREAT WEEK

Your questions and feedbacks
Are highly appreciated
So, see you at the comment section...


  1. Hmmm,why did I go natural sef?It was nothing special really,I learned of healthy hair care in April '14,wanted to stretch my relaxer and do it fresh in time for a wedding,texlaxed my hair myself in July,I liked the results there was fullness in my hair and for the first time in a long time,I had retained length putting me at APL.This spurred me on to stretch for another six months,its was during this period i started learning the in's and out of natural hair,long story short,it was the risks I was taking both on my health and my hair itself that finally sealed it for me,the thickness and seeing my curls for the first time atleast that i can remember and more are major benefits also.Its not been easy but the greats far outweighs the not-so-good days,the long detangling sessions(I despise you straight ends),and all the perks that come along with being a transitioner.17 months in,with so much new growth,I fall in love this those curls everyday(or everywash day atleast),im definitely gonna stick with it.Now it is worth noting,that I've never been as proud,and enthusiastically proud i must say to wear my hair out,don't know what ill do when im fully natural sef.lol.
    Let me stop being emotional and stop typing jare.

  2. It's just like hattylolla.com. I like!

  3. Noticed the template changed too,testing tinz.

  4. I went natural because my hair was breaking... but it wasn't breaking because it was relaxed. It was breaking because of poor hair care habits.

  5. Hmm I went natural because I envied my kid brother's afro. I mean a boy with so much healthy hair, I had to do something quick about my very light, scanty relaxed hair with no edges ����. He and my dad are my Muse.

  6. I went natural because of my daughter.
    One day she pointed at the television and said "mum I want my hair to look like hers" and it was Guiliana Rancic was who she was talking about.
    At that moment I knew I had to do something and get my daughter on the right track.
    She was 4 then and now two years down the road. We are happy naturalistas.

  7. I came to hate straight hair
    It looked dead and was never gonna come back to life.
    When wet,, Ughh. Its even worse. Then I was losing hair like a cat, difference being I don't cough hair balls.
    And did I forget the burning sensation from relaxers.
    My scalp was literally on fire when I even thought about retouching my hair.
    Then my sister's hair was getting close to mine in length and I started keeping hair way before she did ( see the envy)
    Then it was like magic, a fairy god mother landed and haddasah of nappilynigerian girl came to the rescue with how you can grow "Nigerian" hair out and long.

    I didn't waste time and took the plunge, and I am never ever ever going to relax my hair even flat ironing is a NO NO.

  8. Did mine out of vanity sha Lol. Wanted to loc my hair (I hate the extensions so I wanted to do it with my hair), went to the salon and was told that they couldn't do it because of my relaxed hair then offered to use the extensions (I declined and went home sad) then resolved to cut it, grow it natural and loc it. Its been three years now and i havent done that lol

  9. I went natural due to relaxer burns and all.My formerly black hair had turned to brown also.I now looked like a brunette.The breakage?,it was out of this world.My hair wasn't longer long and it was hard to do a simple bun

  10. Hmm I went natural because of @efikzara on Instagram if i'm being honest. I had been admiring people's Afros from afar until I saw her Instagram page and how beautiful her natural hair was and I went into my room, picked up a scissors and cut my hair because I wanted beautiful natural hair too. It's that simple for me..


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