Biotin does NOT Thicken up your Hair!

Happy Tuesday Ladies! Long touted as the go to products for hair thickening, Biotin and Castor Oil have now come under scrutiny for this purpose.

Having gone on a couple of Challenges using both Biotin and Castor Oil, I actually experienced great results using this duo.

So what exactly happened?This video examines this...


  1. Hair thickness is genetics, isn't it?

    1. It is Genetics and is also dictated in individuals by what occurs during the hair formation process.i tried to explain that in the video.

    2. Exactly while in some individuals it might help induce hair REGROWTH,but not in general hair thickness as that is determined by the follices which are only made before birth.Its a wonder as to how biotin and castor oil have reached this status.

    3. Great marketing by the companies Aurora

  2. All I can say is "You are absolutely right!"


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