"Moisturise your Natural Hair": What is the fuss?

Hi Naturalistas!

I hope your week has kicked off great and the moisturising? One of the first things we hear as new naturalistas is "You must Moisturise" but really, what is the fuss about it? Why is it so important? I want us to discuss this as we are trying to 'embark' on this challenge so we are armed with not just the 'How' but also the 'Why'

I have spent alot of time doing my mini research on the 'why' for moisturizing. Here are a few thing I came up with.

Moisture refers to the presence of a liquid, especially water, often in trace amounts. [Wikipedia]

Moisture and Hair; 

  • The human body is made up of 45 - 70% of water depending on the body size. We need an approximately 8 cups of water each day to avoid dehydration and water makes up 25% of the weight of hair [DurableHealth] so there is need to drink enough water. Water helps internally and externally- which is what we are mostly focused on- but we also need to drink alot of water daily. 

  • Hair is essentially 'dead' when it grows out of the skin and it easily drys out which is why we need to have a sealant to lock in the moisture that we have put in there.

  • Moisture is temporary which is why we encourage a daily moisturising. 

  • The role of moisture is to reduce the damage that is done to hair during manipulation by increasing the elasticity of the hair. 

  • I also learnt that there can be something as over moisturizing which we should avoid because your hair is as 'good' as it is when it is dry in that state. 
  • A moisturised hair look and feel alot better and hey! Who doesn't want that? 

So, what do you think? What is the fuss about Moisturinsing?

P.S: Bukky! Send us picture of your hair o and errr.... oreoluwa! I am still waiting. All of you sending 'I'm in' my inbox is not buzzing. You can still moisturise with your protective style. Check here for what you need to do again.


  1. Goes to show that moisture is truly important.Water is everything.

  2. Oya o contestants submit now.Oreoluwa and Bukola*side eye*

  3. all i see is moisture to the left now moisture to right now moisture moisture common now lol

  4. Lol,you must like music @Oreoluwa.

  5. I have submitted oo.Moisture is important!

  6. Looll, see naming and shaming. Teacher Tomi. You are well fitted for this role, lol.

  7. One shouldn't even be told to moisturise their hair. Know how your body feels when you're a bit dehydrated? I'm sure it extends to the hair. Albeit not too noticeable at first.

  8. A tip: whether you have a shower or dey do bucket bath don't cover ur hair. This is a way I add moisture to my hair by indirectly streaming or water that falls onto your hair :D


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