AN Challenge: Let's Moisturise

Hello Naturalistas,

I do hope your week is getting off to a good start? Thank you guys for the contributions and based on the challenge with the highest number - Although Jennifer voted twice trying to confuse me *side eyes*, we would be moisturising our hair.

One of the tenets of being a Naturalista is Moisture. It's one of the things your hear too often and for a long time I thought moisture was, you know anything that was moist -_- and I would deceive myself that using Oils or creams was doing the work. I soon realised that I was getting it all wrong.

Like me, Here are some other mistakes we might be making with moisturising;

- You don't seal the moisture in with Oil/ Cream.
- Focusing on the roots as against the edges.
- Using just Oils/creams as mosituriser
- Not realising that it's as simple as water :)

With this in mind and as Harmattan is coming, we are going to start our 'Let's Moisturise' Challenge! Who is with me?

Duration: Forever  2 Months

What you need: 

- A Spray Bottle
- Your Preferred Sealant &
- The Ever not-so faithful Satin Bonnet

What are the Rules this time?

- You have to moisturise at least 5 times in a week.
  Spritz your hair- not dripping wet - moist and seal it with your sealant. In the morning and at night
- You must sleep with your satin bonnet/satin pillowcase to help protect the moisture.
- Focus on your ends rather than the roots.

To be part of the challenge all you have to do is send in your before picture, Let us know the content of your spray bottle and your preferred sealant.

We would give updates every 2 weeks for those that are participating and you have the liberty to switch up your spray bottle content. All that is important is sealing in the moisture.

Email address to send to is with the subject 'Let's Moisturise' and our deadline for entries is Next week Tuesday!!

Who is with me this time? 


  1. See how u put send pic in bold . side eye .
    I would love to but I have twists in

  2. Hehehe don't mind me o.For me It was a selfish choice because I do not moisturize that often,why?im a transitioner and at the point keeping my hair stretched is the main deal,so I do not moisturize,certainly not with a spray bottle as this will certainly cause my hair to revert,so I give my hair a hailstorm of moisture on washday,thread for a week to double seal in that moisture take it out and moisturize my hair with a creamy moisturizer and a lot of EVCO,to keep reversion to a minimum,those were my reasons for voting twice o.#irestmycase.So apart from touch,what visual cues can we use to access someone who is on top of the moisturize challenge?

  3. Will do this challenge.
    I almost missed it.

  4. I should do this challenge

  5. The content of my spray bottle is water, olive oil and leave in conditioner. I will send my picture soon, but my hair is all done up (bantu knots). I hope this won't be a problem.

  6. Been doing this for a while now. Its a very good hair challenge for those who don't moisturise everyday.

  7. I am in!*jumping up and down excitedly*

  8. My hair is currently in a protective style*(chunky twist).Can I send the picture of that?


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