Why we hardly reply emails about Hair issues on African Naturalistas

I remember some time ago, JC of Natural Haven said she hardly replies emails because she gets loads of them. I couldn’t relate with her stance because I felt she could sit down, and reply emails in her free time. After all, she is a science expert, and people needed her expertise, and there’s just so much science you can put on a blog. I really needed her help to answer a particular question, and I prayed she would answer my email. I begged her in the subject, and told her how urgent and important it was. My prayers were answered, and she replied me.

Sometime later, Dabs of NHCG wrote on her blog on how she keeps getting emails asking similar questions even though the answers could be found on her blog. She created some kind of FAQ section to solve this problem. I hope it worked out for her. As for me, I was still replying mails, and I prided myself in being able to answer every single email.


I just couldn’t go on. We were receiving emails about things we talked about on the blog regularly. Before I was answering questions by referring people to the posts treating their questions. After a while, it was obvious that some people were not interested in researching. They just wanted us to hand them a solution on a platter of gold. I mean, a team of hardworking ladies had put three years of sweat into the blog, but the thought of navigating or doing a search on the blog was too much for some people to handle.

Because of this, we did an FAQ section to help people with questions better navigate the problem to their solution.


Some people just felt, I can’t be bothered to read. Let me just send an email. “Good afternoon. My hair is cutting. What should I do?”

One day, after spending hours replying email, I finally understood what JC meant. I couldn’t do this anymore. My life would be cut short. So I changed the terms on the contact us page to something like this

“If you have a problem, check the blog. I’m not sure there’s any problem about hair that hasn’t been treated on this blog. Just in case it is not here, please call.”

I even dropped my personal number, and let people know I wouldn’t be replying emails concerning hair issues anymore.

But still… some still send emails, and we don’t answer most of them.

Please note, we reply all emails that come in except the ones that have to do with hair issues like. “My hair is breaking, what should I do? My edges are bad, what should I do?” If it is that serious, we expect you to call us, and we won’t even charge for the advice we give on phone.

Anyway, that’s it. The ladies on this blog are committed to helping you solve your issues, and they keep that commitment by making sure there’s at least one post for you every single day. We don’t have weekends or holidays on this blog. We never take a break, so it only makes sense that people take some time out to find the solution to their hair issues, which we took time to put out here for you. All you need to do is use the 'search this blog' bar on the right when you scroll down, or click our FAQ page on the top tap.

And most importantly, if you think your hair issues are so serious that you need a trichology consultation with an expert, please book an appointment at our hair clinic. Just visit our hair clinic website.

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  1. I can understand this issue . Google is your friend people try it it saves lifes

  2. I don't get people like that.Sorry but to use myself,I remember the loads of research I went into before starting my hair journey which I came into by chance and im no blogger or mountain of information and I get questions like that,a lot of this people are mobile and have heard of google,youtube and wikipedia,cant they just read?.Now i can sympathize with you,the wealth of info on this blog is almost too much to digest,you guys have a topic every single day,sometimes two,you guys are by far the most consistent hair blog I have come across.I guess the e-mails are from the killed-their-hair-for-years-and-want-a-day-result folks.You guys are truly trying.Read people just read.

    1. Lol at the third to the last statement you made. I just don't bother anymore jare.

  3. Sorry for the long comment,just had to be typed.

  4. I really feel this! While I understand how important it might be when there's a serious hair issue, I also realise that may people "don't like to read" even when I give them the web link and direct them to the post that answers that question. I'm also reluctant to give out my phone number too as I've had several ladies call me at midnight (one at 12:48am!!!) asking me questions about hair...really?
    Bloggers spend time and money trying to share information even when they have busy offline lives.
    Please try and read before shooting that email.


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