What a difference a Year makes! Natural Hair Lessons!

Hallo Lovelies!I hope and trust that you are all doing extremely well! In today's video, I'm looking back at my Natural Hair exactly one year ago! There has really been a lot of changes in terms of how I deal with and style my hair and I really did not notice it until I looked back at these old pictures and compared them to the Present! Pictures are truly a great way of documenting your journey and seeing how far you have come and the transformation your Hair has undergone, no matter how subtle!

  Enjoy Ladies and have a Lovely Day!


  1. Nice progress pictures.This is a reminder to take more pics.Time goes by so quick.

  2. I like the way the pictures are put side by side on the same!e style. On another note this gives me hair inspirations

  3. I see so much progress yo!.I love the mini twist low bun and your smile also!


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