Basic Natural Hair Care Tips

Hi Natural beauties, sorry no mane matters today but I have something you all would like especially for natural hair newbies.

Thanks to the natural hair movement, going natural from relaxed hair is norm. Almost everyone is going natural or should I say, returning natural.
Natural hair is beautiful and fun but if rough handled, it could lead to a lot of shedding. It is really delicate and tangles easily. Most times, people get frustrated as they find it difficult to maintain. The impression they have is that natural hair is a lot of work. But, once you get to figure out the basic rules, it would be easy to manage.
So here are few tips to help you in your hair journey;

MOISTURIZE HAIR DAILY: Moisture is all what natural hair craves. By moisture, I mean water. Moisturising your hair daily is the only way to keep it shining and soft always. This could be done by mixing water and glycerine with any natural oil or leave-in of your choice in a spray bottle. It could also be done by using any moisturising hair butter or cream. But if it does not contain water, it’s not a moisturiser. Water is important.

LESS MANIPULATION: Avoid putting hands on your hair too often as this causes breakage and thinning of hair. To maintain your natural hair, low manipulation and protective styling is neccessary. Don’t loosen a weave today and install another tomorrow. Give your hair time to breath.

Natural hair strives more when in protective styles such as braiding, up-dos and wearing of wigs which helps protect the hair and retain length. Avoid using combs, but if you must do, use wide-tooth combs. However, finger combing should be done more often.

AVOID SULPHATE SHAMPOOS: Sulphate shampoos leave hair dry. They strip the hair of needed moisture and natural oils, thus drying it out. It’s best to use a Sulphate-free shampoo instead
CONDITION AFTER EVERY WASH: Conditioning is a must for natural hair as it helps to soften hair overtime. You should always condition your hair after every wash. It is very important because it makes hair more manageable and strengthens it. It also minimizes breakage and excessive shedding. This can be done once or twice a week.

SEAL YOUR ENDS: Shea butter is the perfect sealant for natural hair. Take a dab of it and apply to the ends of your hair. It would help retain moisture and prevent split ends. You can also use castor oil. It is thick and protective.

Natural hair is beautiful and requires some efforts on our part to flourish. So, I hope you find this tips helpful

Until next time

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  2. that seal your ends is often forgotten but very important

  3. The positive effect of regular moisturising cannot be overestimated.

  4. I need to stop manipulating my edges.Beautiful puffs up there.

  5. All important thing.Also refrain from tight styles not only on the edges,but all over the head.Follicle damage is real.

  6. Cute puffs on whoever that is.

  7. Oh yes less manipulation has been a surefire winner. I think most newbie naturals also don't realise that combing wet or damp hair is the secret to painless combing.

  8. Lovely tips Liz, thanks for this post!


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