AN Hair line challenge: Week 1

Hello Naturalistas,

I hope your week has gotten off on a good start? Last week we introduced the #ANchallenge and we kicked off with getting out natural hairlines back. I would be answering questions and giving an update.
AN Challenge,

First lets deal with the questions:

When does the challenge end? Officially on the blog, 2 months but if your edges are that bad and you are seeing the improvement you will be encouraged to continue but generally I think 2 months is enough to see a significant change.

What if I don't have castor Oil? You can use coconut oil and if you have both, you can mix it together.

When is the deadline for submitting pictures? Today! Okay! Let's leave it at tomorrow 23rd September, 2015.

Challenge Update: 

AN challenge
My Hairline
For the past on week I have been using castor Oil on my edges every night and I have had one major challenge so far ''Oil patches" on my pillow case. A reader commented on Instagram about her own experience and since she uses satin pillowcase it is more disgusting. If this is also one of your challenges here is what I advised;

Change the time; I know I mentioned put in the Oil when you are about to sleep and that is me just assuming it is a convenient time for everyone and ofcourse I am wrong. So, if the oil bothers you so much change your timing. Put yours in the morning as against at night.

Also, you can live with it. I mean you know your goal right? So why let that bother you? If you are like me and you really don't mind changing your pillow case weekly just for this period then by all means just ignore.

An challenge
Contestant #1

An challenge
Contenstant #2
All those that indicated their interest in the last post, Please put in your email address in the comment section below so I can harass you myself. ;)

If you are on the challenge, what has your experience been in the last one week?


  1. i really want to do this thing but the way school is doing me i will just forget . but alas i shall tryeth the potion of growth

  2. Where are all the people who entered for the challenge? You pipu should send your pictures naa.

  3. I have been massaging my edges with my amla infused coconut oil for a while now but not religeously though.

  4. Stared at my edges for a full 10 mins,think they are ok.Ill be doing mine behind the scenes tho,when i remember to.

  5. I'm contestant #1 Adaora. My email addy is I think I'm seeing some improvements. I'm using only castor oil presently. I'll try coconut oil next.


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